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2022-06-21 11:39:43
Hi all! This post is basically just to advertise my king Jaskiier, who I have just opened stud slots for!

Jaskiier is a clean, G4, ankh based mottled pie. They are the only CLEAN mottled pie with that base on Lioden (and one of only three total kings what that mutation and base combo). They are also one of only three kings with the ankh base combined with the new haliotis pelt heavy marking

Image is clickable!!

Breed to Mummy or Incense for chance at Ennead combo base
Breed to lions with Hellraiser or Incubus mane shape for chance of Mane Succubus mutation

Lineage: Clean, G4
Stats: 243 (I am working on increasing them)
Base: Ankh (red medium countershaded special) [applicator exclusive]
Skin: Dusky
Mane: Diabolic|Blood Moon
Eyes: Reptile [applicator exclusive]
Mutation: Mottled Piebald


-VLF friendly, but please have it revealed, and if fertility is under 10%, please either use the gb option or send a black stallion
-I will try until your lioness is pregnant (it just may take longer if she’s lower fertility)
-please don’t remove request after I’ve used energy on it
-I am online pretty much all the time so I should get to requests relatively quickly (unless I’ve just finished exploring, in which case it make take a few minutes to get the energy)
-Jaskiier will breed to any lioness, clean or dirty, unless she is their offspring

Their fee is currently 225 sb or 1 gb. The fee will stay the same until they sell out.

Notable Cubs:
- 1 foldie
- 2 mottled pie
- 2 clawless
- 2 AMPs

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Posted on
2023-01-14 01:02:11
ooh totally using hun