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2022-08-06 00:25:26
G2 Interstellar Lioness Auction

Click or press on the image to be brought to the lioness’s page


1. Be kind and respectful at all times, please do not get upset if you’re overbid.
2. Do not bid what you don’t have.
3. You have 2 roll overs to send payment, if you do not send payment within 2 roll overs or 2 days she will be put back up for auction.
4. 1gb = 1000sb
5. Items are valued at the lowest branch/trading center price. No lower, no higher.
6. Auction ends when I say. There is no set date.
7. No silver beetle only bids. All bids must contain some golden beetles or only golden beetles. Items and silver beetles are add ons.
8. Do not back out last minute.


Starting Bid 20GB

Current Bid N/A

Auto Buy N/A

Auction Status

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