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2022-08-06 01:19:42
How do I protect my Cubs? They have a very low survival chance at the moment and I don’t know how to “protect” them. Any help/tips is appreciated

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💖 SiRah [ Clean ] (#159527)

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2022-08-06 02:24:59
Hello! <3

For starters, check out the Wiki on Broodmothers
Each lioness set to Broodmother roll can protect a max of 5 cubs, but if you're struggling with having enough Broodmothers to protect all the cubs you want to survive: look for Lionesses with "Nurturing" personality- they can protect 6 cubs instead of 5! <3
Also be sure to "Play" with your cubs every day from their page (You can only do this once per day though!)- this can give some survival percentage as well. Once they're at 100%, you're good to go! <3

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Con (#67214)

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2022-08-06 02:24:04
You can buy a Hornbill Majordomo from the Monkey Business to protect your cub, or, assign broodmothers. Select a lioness and scroll until you see "update lion". From there, you can give the lioness the broodmother role, which will allow her to protect up to five cubs.