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2022-08-16 19:34:55
I have no idea where to put this so please tell me where this goes

I was thinking of making a custom decor, and I wanted to make something for lethals. I found out my idea had already been made, so I came here to look for your guys suggestions!

Any lethal custom decors you want to suggest? Whichever idea I do, that person will get the custom decor for free for helping suggest it!

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2022-08-29 23:23:20
Here's a few for each specific mutation, some which could go with others and vise versa e.g a tombstone:
Cleft Palate: A split that goes up to the back of their head, teeth protruding from the split (either as a combination of the previous or an essence of eldritch abomination, maybe tentacles, diseases or parasites.

Conjoined: Thorns tangling around them, symbolism for ouroboros, body gore to connect the two together.

Cyclopia: Anything that changes the eye colour like a rainbow, extra pupils, dilation etc or a massive club/weapon.

Extra Limbs: Limb gore like insectoid or other types of limbs, having them similar to/more conjoined like Shoji Mezo in MHA, more limbs.

Harlequin Ichtyosis: Earthquakes. more eldritch horror, puddle (clear water, mud or blood), bony protrusions, red vines covering them/the environment.

Lipomatosis: Something similar to a Nurgle from Warhammer, Growths, Parasites or Drool.

Sirenomelia: Stinky! Protrusions from the back, Flower in their mouth, Longer legs and tail.

Two Heads:Much more then two heads, Fire, Skull patterns, Cyclops Eyes (for both or one of the heads).

Deaf: Symbolism for Hospice or incorporation of Caduceus, animal parts like a lotta snake heads, Plague Doctor mask, Robes, Scythes, Wings, Ear less or Covered ears like a bandana, bandage or some sort of hearing aid.