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Posted on
2022-08-19 07:06:39

Work In Progress


Hi there.
All clickable links are underlined! Please DO NOT comment on this thread as I will not be notified nor will I reply. Kindly inbox me if anything. Though bumping this post is much appreciated!
Also please DO NOT copy my thread style or layout! It took me efforts, time and a lot of brain cells in visualizing~


Affordable Prices

A full list of my available trades, including but not limited to lions, items. Reasonable offers are welcome. Price is negotiable.

Lion Previews

This is quick and suitable for those who are interested to see my lions in visuals first, or those who would prefer to scroll though to view them rather than tapping each trade.


Currently taking a break! Come back later.


Ends on (DATE&TIME)


[OPEN] Wanted List

A full list of items/lions that I am looking for!
Currently in need of red bulls & roasted lambs.



Coming Soon


Value Shop

Quick sale of items(Event decors/breeding items/etc) for a price lower than or equal to market!



Beautiful clean G2 dawn daedal pie with 13 markings & 2000+ stats! 4x Cherry! A combo of pastel purple & pink with BMV! Studding fee at 500 or 1!

❄️Primordial Kuraokami

Beautiful clean triple rosette G4 glacial ferus with 20 markings & 2000+ stats! He has mottled rosette, noctis soft rosette, noctis heavy rosette as well as BO traits like dawn eyes, savage ebony mane and tier 2 markings! He is the child born out of winter love!
Studding fee at 900 or 1!


Coming soon!

Ready to bring a new member into your pride? This is the place to take one home! They are free! Lions named "Free(number)" are opened to adoptions! All you have to do is to inbox me, along with the name and number of the lion .

Once again please DO NOT copy my thread style or layout!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Posted on
2022-08-30 08:34:01
hello! is this girl available?

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Akela [G2, Mosiac] (#119137)

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Posted on
2022-10-02 11:12:50
Sorry to write here, but I was wondering if you'd separate your meat pies!

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Foxrii (#241428)

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Posted on
2022-11-10 01:26:12 is she up for trade? if so, how much?

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