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2022-09-11 13:52:57

Before you begin reading, please do not comment on this thread! This thread is specifically meant to let people know about all the rules & necessary information for My adopt thread: The Adopt Chateau!.

Please scroll down to my next few comments to read about all the information. I will try to simplify it as much as I can since I know people hate reading rules!

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2022-09-11 14:05:47

General Rules

please message me if you have any questions

> No Begging
> No removing offers if it is currently the highest offer for that particular adopt! This screws up everyone else's offers since people's offers depend on yours. If you absolutely NEED to remove your offer, Let me know, I understand things happen. But remember - offer what you have! ( I am able to remove offers from adopts ONLY IF the offer is currently not the highest.)
> No Moving Offers from one adopt to another.
> No Whining over losing
> No Stealing art
> No Inappropriate language In the adopt thread.

!!!!! Minimum Increment for offering is 3 in worth !!!!! I Will not count offers that raise by less than 3 in worth! This is to avoid dozens of offers that raise by 100sb, 1gb, etc... and crowding of messages on the thread!

All of the rules are put in place to help the thread stay clean and for me to stay organized when updating offers.

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Posted on
2022-09-11 14:11:43

Buyout Options as of 9/10/2022

please message me if you have any questions

If you offer one of anything on this list on a certain adopt, you will automatically win the adopt regardless of previous offers. all lion autobuys must be clean!

> Leopon/Tigon Under 7 Years old.
> Double Uterus Under 4 Years old.
> RL/RLC Under 6 Years old.

The following below are not Buyout Options, BUT! If you want to offer a Hybrid/DU/RL/RLC on an adopt but the lion doesn't fit the criteria (Is older than I will accept, or dirty) You are free to offer the lion on the adopt! The lion just will not autobuy the adopt, instead raising your offer! Here is how I price them.

> Leopon/Tigon over 7 y/o or dirty : Valued at 30 per heat left.
> RL/RLC lioness over 6 y/o or dirty : Valued at 20 per heat left.
>Double Uterus over 4 y/o or dirty : Valued at 35 per heat left

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Posted on
2022-09-11 14:32:04

Accepted & Rejected offers

please message me if you have any questions
Any IRL money offers can be accepted through Paypal, cashapp, or Venmo

Offers I am Accepting
> // ( 1 = 1000 ) ($1 = 2 )
Money can be sent through Paypal, cashapp or venmo.
> Breeding items & Other usefuls Listed below:
  • Buffalo scrotum - 20

  • Ochre Gnawrock - 25 )

  • GMO cow - 25

  • Crunchy Worm - 15

  • Black stallion - 1

  • Instant Birth Feather - 2

  • Roasted Lamb - 1

  • Red Bull - 1

  • Lion Meat - 8

  • CRB - 1

  • Yohimbe Bark - 19

  • Lion scrotum - 35

> Double & Triple rosette lions (Female Or sex changeable, Must be clean)
> Any Applicators (MUST be valued over 5 ! I will not accept an applicator that is valued at 2 , etc..)
> Frozen Hybrids/Lethals

Prices will vary depending on events and sale value! I will check TC almost everyday to make sure My prices are fair! Anything that is not listed that you would like to offer, Youre free to message me and ask or just offer in the adopt thread & I will let you know if I accept it or not!
Applicators etc are valued at their LOWEST TC/Branch prices!

Offers I am NOT Accepting
> Crafting items
> Cheap/common applicators
> art
> Food
> Meat Pies (as of 8/31/2022)

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