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Anne (Sidereal)🔥 (#61013)

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2022-09-23 04:31:12
Hello all. This suggestion is for both Clan owners and clan members.

Alot of you are members of massive clans, (such as the LGBTQ+, MAC, FLD, etc). As an admin myself, for the LGBTQ clan (16k+ member strong ) , I have noticed a Major problem regarding the clan messages.

So basically whenever I tried sending out clan messages for the clan, only half or less than half the members would receive it. The site crashes as well and i receive the server time out error. According to mods it's a known issue. I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed yet. There haven't been any major updates for clans from what I remember.

a way to make clan messages send out the same way rollover notifications are sent out or how rollover system works (as in messages being sent one by one, to each player in the clan. This way each and every member gets an update)

I was told by mods that "something" will be done bout this issue. Mods also said, our clan (the LGBTQ+ clan) is 16k+ members strong and the system for clan message is built in a way that all messages are sent at once. Now imagine 16k+ members getting a message AT ONCE. of course the server will crash on me and the chain of messages won't be complete. I request that somehow, it gets done before December at least. Thank you for reading through the whole thing

The major reason why I made this suggestion is because Halloween and Christmas will be here soon. These are the months of giveaways and gifting. As an admin, I'd want every member to get a fair chance at these things and not miss out. Not everyone scrolls through forums (I personally don't, as it's overwhelming for me, unless I need something). We can not update our members just through forums. ❄️🖤

P.s I'm not aware if I'm MAC or FLD are facing this issue but I've faced this issue everytime I send out a clan message for the LGBT clan.

Please feel free to leave suggestions regarding this issue here and if you do not support do let me know why )

This suggestion has 28 supports and 1 NO support.

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Arywynne (#300631)

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Posted on
2022-09-23 17:23:56
I have seen this issue time and time again. I wonder if it could batch send, say 500 at once. Would take a little longer with a small delay from first to last members, but it may be better?