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2022-10-23 14:14:08
Alright. So i haven't ever done commissions before, pretty much all my art I have made is for myself or for my friends, so i have no experience with pricing. I only have 2 examples up currently on my imgur (Which i will link) so i don't have a really wide range of examples. I plan on doing head-shots, bust, and full body options. As well as a sketch, line art, flat color, shaded, and rendered options. (I know, its a lot.) Though I may start with doing a few more freebies so i can have more examples uploaded. I intend to price with usd but I may have to offer in game currency options too. With the art I have posted, the full body one took me roughly 5 hours the bust only took me about 2. I have one not uploaded (Cause the person i drew it for requested it not be published) that features 2 characters as well as full color and rendering that took me almost exactly 10 hours.
Sooo yeah, I would really appreciate any input you have!

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