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2022-10-24 21:06:44
I’ve just started using procreate and i LOVE it. the lines are a lot better quality than my previous art program (ibis paint x) and i love all the brushes. BUT. i find myself having to transfer my linework over to ibis for the coloring. it seems like procreate has no blending tool and the selection tool kinda sucks? it’s either i have to draw the selection i want myself(which is a pain when doing large areas) and the automatic tool doesn’t work? or at least not like i expected it too. maybe i’m doing something wrong xD. just looking for some advice cuz i’d rather not keep having to transfer my line work and then transfer back for finishing touches.

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tobi rlc (#228390)

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Posted on
2022-10-24 21:19:36
hey ! if you have discord, i’d 100% be willing to add you there and show you some procreate tips :] i’ve been using it for a few years now !
alternatively, you could just join my clan’s discord ! we have a channel specifically for art help and all that stuff :D !