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The November event launches on November 1st at 00:00am LDT, and will end on November 30th at 11:59pm LDT. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until next year.

November Event Wiki Page

November Event - Whispering Ancestors

This month, a group of nomadic lion shamans have arrived from faraway lands to offer their services.

Humans aren't the only ones that believe ancestors are linked spiritually to the living. Some lions believe that, during a trance, they can speak to the spirits of those who have passed into the afterlife. You can gain Piety for the ancestors by doing deeds for the lion shamans. In return, you will be granted spiritual rewards. Your Piety might unlock something special, so make sure to respect the spirits, and they will provide. Alongside this, you can gather many herbs in Explore for crafting, nesting, quests, and for your battle beetles!

Visit the Shamans

On the EVENT page, you can pay a visit to three different lion shamans. Each shaman is a bit different and will provide unique daily quests for you. You can fulfill up to 3 deeds per day for them, and in return, you can gain Piety - between 6 to 9 Piety per day at maximum. The ancestors of lions who have passed will reward the lions who live and show piousness. You can exchange these Piety points for body and mind enhancements.

We believe the rewards will make all players happy, no matter what part of their lion's body they strive to improve.

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Fossil Crafting

In Explore, you will find many fossil items! They can only be used for crafting in November. Here's a selection of new content this month!

Gemstone Ammonite Cave
10x Gem: Rough Opal, 10x Gem: Sparkling Opal, 20x Ammonite Fossil

Dinosaur Teeth Necklace
10x Ancient Fossil

15x Cracked Fossil

15x Ancient Fossil

This feature is accessible via Monkey Business's Crafting section. It unlocks when the Piety bar reaches Tier 1. You can craft multiple fossils, some of multiple types, into decors and applicators.

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Gem Crafting

The gems to be crafted for this month are Gem: Carnelian, Gem: Fire Opal, Gem: Moss Agate, Gem: Nuummite, Gem: Rough Opal, Gem: Sparkling Opal, Gem: Bloodstone and Gem: Cat's Eye.

We have a selection of new decors and backgrounds for you to craft this month!

Carnelian Fang Extensions
15x Gem: Carnelian

Bloodstone Fang Extensions
15x Gem: Bloodstone

Rough Opal Fang Extensions
15x Gem: Rough Opal

Jewelry: Carnelian Veil
15x Gem: Carnelian

Massive Moss Agate Geode
30x Gem: Moss Agate

Carnelian Rockfall
30x Gem: Carnelian

This feature is accessible via Monkey Business's Crafting area! It unlocks when the Piety bar reaches Tier 2.

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Visit the Shaman Shop!

In the Shaman Shop, you can exchange Scarab Beetles (abbreviated as ScB) for some fancy items. The more tiers you unlock through event bars, the more fun stuff will appear within the shops!

New 2022 Content
* A new base applicator: Phantom!

The genetics for the new Phantom base are Black Light Solid Special and it is tied to Greige skin.

The Phantom base will be uploaded to the Lion Wardrobe around November 11th, or earlier if the tier is reached super fast!

* There are also a few new decors added to the Shaman Shop right now!

Shamanic Fur Bands [Yellow]

Shamanic Fur Bands [Red]

Shamanic Fur Bands [Blue]

Shamanic Fur Bands [Green]

Tendaguru Formation

Elliot Formation

Elhraz Formation

Aorounga Crater

Drying Herbs

Primal Spirit

New Encounters

There's four new encounters added this month!

What event content is planned for November 11th?

* New craftable gem mane base applicator (Bloodstone)
* Fossil Restoration crafting service rewards (decors + backgrounds) - however, we might add them to the game even sooner, depending when Tier 1 opens!
* New event shop items

* 2022's event NCL markings (February, April, September) will be added to Piety rewards—these are planned to be implemented on November 4th!

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Piety Bar

The Piety bar counts the total Piety gained throughout Lioden's lands. It unlocks tiers that provide lions with some awesome stuff from the Shaman Shop and the Shaman Pit.

Note: markings added via Piety will be applied in the first free slot available, so plan your designs carefully!

Shaman Pit

This mysterious pit is being prepared by the shamans. The more piety that lions show, the stronger the ritual's effect will become!


Within Explore, you might notice herbs that you can collect, or encounters you can interact with. Some of these are specific for quests, but won't do much if you're not on that particular quest. If you're not on any quest and you meet a Tsavo lion, nothing besides a battle will occur. However, if you're on a quest to defeat a Tsavo lion and you win, the quest will be fulfilled, and you can return to the shamans to complete your deed!

You might notice you can once again turn your carcasses into Rawhide. Rawhide is required for some Shaman Quests. It can also be used for crafting within the Monkey Business's Crafting area!

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Remember that the website (and the admins, if needed) will run a mass Rabies removal once November begins. If it needs some extra attention, please give our coders a few hours to wake up as we're in a different timezone than Lioden's server!

Additional Note: We are focusing on art bugs over anything else - expect constant activity!

November Event Wiki Page

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