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February Guide
Roaring Elites Clan Click here!
February Raffle
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Breeding items
Grain Of Paradise
Buffalo Scrotum
Yohimbe Bark
Lion Scrotum
Baobab Fruit

Popular Bases
Cherry Lips
It's All Peachy!
Taste of Merlot
Ardor Elegance

Tips & Tricks

"What exactly is the event?"

This event is highly focused on exploring and community interaction!!
This month's currency is Heart Shells.
Heart Shells can be gained in Explore, as well as flirting with other players' lionesses and slapping away leaders that attempt to flirt with your own lionesses!

"Event Currency for trading"
Although this could change, the typical conversion for currency is The two most common rates you will find are 10 HS = 1
and 6 HS = 1

"Breeding items:"
As listed above, I have shown you what each breeding item looks like, now I will tell you how to use them!
Grain Of Paradise
This item is used to guarantee AT LEAST 2 cubs in a litter!
Buffalo Scrotum
This item is used to guarantee AT LEAST 3 cubs in a litter!
Yohimbe Bark
This item will reduce the breeding cooldown of a Lioness by 1 day per bark! (VERY handy for hybrid breeding!)
Lion Scrotum
Give to a mutated lioness before breeding; has a 25% chance (per cub) to pass on her mutation. Cannot be used on hybrids.
Baobab Fruit
Use this item to EXTEND the time of a lionesses heat. (Must be used while she is still in heat)
These items are critical to the gameplay if you enjoy breeding muties!

For the February event, special area called "Aphrodisia" is a location where you can attempt to flirt with other players lionesses! You can do this every 15 minutes in hopes of gaining HS! Doing this can get you between 0-3 HS so if you plan on banking those HS, I suggest staying on top of it as it can rack HS up quick!! However, If perhaps another lion tries to flirt with your ladies, you can slap them to win HS!

There are many players (like me, harmless HS buying thread to help the clan) choose to also buy other people’s HS currency for other items or SB/GB. A helpful tip, buying high volume items like breeding items/marking apps is great during the event as it will allow you to be able to sell them at a much higher price. A good example is a buffalo scrotum (Or commonly known as Buffy balls). The price is significantly reduced to around 10 during the event, but in a few months will drastically increase up to 30+ !

I hope you are mentally prepared! The usage of energy is extremely powerful during this event! If you are trying to get the most out of the event, I suggest doing a few things.
1. Create a side account!
2. Log in with both accounts as frequently as possible to explore!
3. Energy refills (without items) every 2 hour and 30 minutes! So make sure you set a timer!
4. USE ITEMS!!! (See below)

"Energy items:"
Energy Boost
2GB from Oasis. This item will give you 100 energy for 1 use

Bone Marrow
This item can be used ONCE a day for an extra 20% of energy. Can be bought from Monkey Business for 80 SB

Red Bull
Gives you double energy for 8 hours!

Roasted Lamb
This item also gives you double energy for 8 hours!

Fermented Marula fruit
This item will give you EITHER 10+ energy or -10 energy "*MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 0 ENERGY WHEN USING!*"

Gives you 10% energy boost

The Gorilla Enclave Reward for giving a cub can be used as energy!

Changing your personality with the Sangoma Lion Mask for 400 SB to Hyperactive to get an extra 30% energy boost once you’ve gone down to 70% energy!

"*Leveling up items*" These items will not give you energy, but allow you to lvl up to get more energy
Giant tortoise – although- this item does not give you energy, it does allow you to get EXP giving you the chance to level up to- then get a full energy bar

Broken drones – Also gives EXP for leveling up

UAV Gives EXP to level up!

"Information for all users"
As February is very popular for breeding items, it will obviously be popular for breeding in general.
There are two different breedings- Tradition VS Reserved breeding’s

"Traditional:" You will make a deal with the owner of the lioness/hybrid and you will send your lioness to that players den to start breeding. They will then send the Lioness + cubs back once cubs/female are able to transfer. (trust can be an issue with traditional breeding)
Reserved: These breeding’s are the safest as everything is automatic and no grey area.

"Split heats:" This occurs once the litter is born, the cubs are shared between you and whoever is selling/buying the heat! For the most part, the 1st pick usually always go to the buyer, but there are some exceptions. I personally would not recommend buying any split heat if you do not get 1st pick!

"Full heats:" on the other hand mean the ENTIRE litter goes to the buyer, no matter what is in it! Full heats tend to be more expensive than split heats, but they also let you keep the entire litter!

"Event Specific Mutie Breedings:"

Yohimbe Barks will be extremely helpful in this event as most of all the hybrid heats will require 20 barks in order to breed which would allow the quickest turn-around-time for hybrid heats.

Instant Cub delivery's are key to ensuring no one has to wait for the lion to give birth! These can be found in the oasis for 2 GB

Aging stones are used to wean the cubs early so they are ready to send! You shouldn't have to send the aging stones over until the cubs are born! These are usually only required for the cubs you want to keep! These can be found in oasis for 2 GB

Black stallions may or may not be required for breeding’s! If the lion has angelic blessing, then the black stallion will not be required! If they don’t have it, then the black stallion ensures the lion can be bred quickly and doesn’t take up energy!

Buffalo Scrotums may or may not be required! For split litters buffy balls will likely be required to ensure more than 1 cub is born!

Lion scrotums will be required for Dwarf breeding as well as Double Uterus Breeding!

For more resources check out these awesome threads!

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Super helpful info!! Iv already implemented some of these suggestions

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