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2023-09-09 08:40:53

High BO/Cimmerian Cub

! rn looking at offers if I decide to rehome her I’ll transfer her at 2yrs !
clicking on the pictures below brings you to her page

Her Eyes, Skin, Mane type and colour are Breed Only as well as 6 from her 7 Marks. To top it off she has 7 Cim traits including Mane colour and is the ONLY not kinged Lion with these 6 Cimmerian Breed Only traits, if kinged she would be the second king with this mark combination.

I want at least 60 GB for her
- If she reaches bids over 100 GB worth I’ll throw in either a Favour of Anubis or a Vestige of Bast

✅ Pure GB, Breeding Items, high Value Applicators or MoD‘s (NO TICKED)
( for the lowest Price I can find on either TC or Branch.)

❌Lions, shitty Applicators, Art, BG, or Decor.

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