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2023-09-18 22:59:30
Heyo, so I currently am in need of some money, so I’ll be opening really cheap art comms!

Headshot: 2 dollars
Bust: 3 dollars
Full body: 4 dollars
Scene: 5 dollars
Ref: 6 dollars

These are my prices, I’m unsure of how to post images in lioden so if you are interested please dm me on discord, my user is Mothsflying, and I can only draw animals example; lions!

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2023-09-19 04:14:34
Hiya!So to post images on lioden you can just simply go to google and type in ,,LunaPic” that’s what I use!

Then click on upload in the top corner,out your image in wait for it to load and scroll down till you see ,,Imgur” click on it and copy the first link,you can also resize it but for threads you don’t really have to.<33

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