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2023-11-20 20:14:05
Hello so, I have been off the game for a while as to take a mental health brake, I had a clan before I left that I could no longer pay fees for.

I came back recently and finally got back in pace with the game and went to renew the fee, however, when I did, I went to go change a few things and found I still couldn’t I made sure to check multiple times that I hadn’t given the clan to someone else. I didn’t.

But I still can’t seem to do anything. And it’s asking for another renew fee.

Main question is.
Do I have to pay the fee for every month I missed? I was gone for a while and I feel that it’s too costly to pay 1000 dn for every month I missed.

Just asking because I don’t remember much from before I left about clans.

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