Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct here describes what we would expect from members and staff alike when it comes to community interaction. That is, any interaction you have with other members on the site, be it the forums, chat box, your public den page, any shop or trade description, or private messages.

We require that all players read and understand this Code of Conduct, and by continuing to use Lioden you are agreeing to abide by these rules and guidelines. Additionally, please make sure to read our Terms of Service. Please be aware that breaking any of these rules, even if you are unaware of them, may result in your account losing privileges with regards to the chat box, forums, or even your entire account - so please make sure you are fully aware of what is and isn't allowed.


We are a 16+ site so we do allow profanity, however it must not be used in a harmful way towards other members or groups of people. Discriminatory words, including racist and sexist remarks, are prohibited even if presented in a joking manner.

Religion & Politics

We do not allow topics or discussions to be created with the sole purpose of discussing religion or politics. Lioden is a game, and games are supposed to be an escape from the real world. We understand that religion and politics can come up in regular discussions and we will monitor those independently, but any topic or chat posts created to discuss either of these topics will be removed without warning.


Be respectful towards ALL members of Lioden, including helpers, moderators and admins.

Do not spam the boards or chat. Examples of spamming are as follows:

  • Posting the same topic on multiple boards
  • Posting the same topic multiple times on the same board
  • Posting the same reply multiple times in the same topic
  • "Private" or 1-to-1 conversations (please utilise the Private Messaging system for this)
  • Bumping topics (please utilise the Bump Thread button for this)

Do not post topics or comments in chat asking for free game assets. This includes:

  • Asking to be loaned assets
  • "Veiled" begging ("I wish I had enough GB to retire my male")

Using excessive capital letters in chat or forum topic subjects is prohibited. Some examples are:

  • ThIs Is ToO mAnY cApItAl LeTtErS

Do not post topics, replies or post in chat with the intent to troll. Trolling is:

  • Posting a comment, sometimes controversial, with the intention to draw out negative reactions and emotional responses
  • Posting a comment for shock value
  • Derailing topics from their original purpose
  • Personal attacks against any individual or Lioden
  • Baiting members into breaking the rules so that you can report them

Do not post topics with regards to medical advice, either for yourself or on behalf of someone else. This includes:

  • Requesting or providing medical advice
  • Requesting or providing mental health advice or counselling
  • Requesting or providing medical advice for pets

Do not post offsite advertisements. This includes:

  • Links to, or posts about, other browser-based games
  • Personal item sales or trades
  • Services that are not directly related to Lioden
  • This EXCLUDES: Art portfolios, such as Deviant Art

Do not use bright or light font colors which do not show up in contrast to the background of the site.

Do not make threats against other members.

  • This includes referring to violence or death in relation to Lioden, helpers, moderators, admins, or members - individually or as a group
  • Do not use any part of the site to communicate with members on the topic of encouraging, promoting, endorsing or inciting any kind of legal action against the company or any individual.

Do not use insults or make personal attacks. This includes:

  • Back-handed compliments
  • Singling members out, or accusing someone of breaking rules (please report the member instead using the Modbox feature)
  • Blacklisting, naming and shaming, character assassinations
  • Passive-aggressive remarks that clearly criticise other members
  • Linking to, or alluding to, offsite content that contains any personal attacks against Lioden members

Do not engage in personal attacks against any helpers, moderators and admins.

  • This includes direct attacks, sarcastic, passive-aggressive, or patronising remarks, and threatening language

Mini-modding is prohibited. This includes:

  • Attempting to control what other members post
  • Issuing warnings to other members
  • Threatening to report a member, or telling a member they have been reported
  • Telling a moderator how they should moderate
  • Trying to bribe a moderator to take action against another member

Do not discuss moderating decisions.

  • You are more than welcome to privately message any moderator or admin if you are unsatisfied with an outcome to a situation that you are directly involved with
  • The discussion of other members' punishments is strictly prohibited
  • Any post on the forums or in chat, or content on any user-editable part of the site, alluding to the discussion of moderating decisions will be removed without warning

Do not post petitions, demands, conspiracies or topics on circumventing the rules.

Do not post on behalf of a member who has lost their forum, chat or other account privileges.

Do not scam players.

  • While we do not moderate private transactions between players, we do not allow scamming. We strongly encourage any player who feels they have been scammed to report the user's behaviour to us as soon as possible. In some situations we may be able to return lost currency, items or lions to you. If you leave it too long, the user may have passed any assets you have lost on to another member or into the game system and they will be irretrievable.

Do not post content or link to content with leaked game information.

Please read our full Terms of Service for additional information on what we disallow in user-submitted content.

By continuing to play, you agree that Lioden may take whatever steps it must to support a positive environment at its sole discretion and without prior notice.

Any content you post that doesn't meet this conduct may be removed and may invoke official warnings or account privileges being lost.