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Our Staff Team

Abbey - Co-Founder, Developer
Kitty - Co-Founder, Developer
Katze - Community Manager
Xylax - Co-Founder, Artist
Michael - Community Manager
Lioden Helpers
Amour [Pied!] (#29257) message
Daryl Dixon [Primal Smilus] (#4374) message
Desi {Primal mint eyes} (#5054) message
Desideria (side) (#6874) message
Dimmed *Piebald* (#84940) message
Dimmed *Primal* (#86358) message
Dr Crentist D.D.S. (#11423) message
🗝️ Hayley (#53270) message
Elementalist *#Gaggle* (#56591) message
Gnarlandis (#66351) message
Janxxy (#61852) message
Janxxy (#75172) message
King Bard [Daryl's Piebald!] (#49781) message
Lex {Reduced Royalty} (#56485) message
Locust {Reduced Royalty} (#54568) message
LorienDarenya (#2298) message
LorienDarenya [Side Account] (#43755) message
The Doctor [Tigery Primal] (#73075) message

How to Use Contact Information

If you have any critique or suggestions for the game/game events, please bring it to the Game Development board here: [Game Development]

If you have a bug to report, please bring it to the Bug Board here: [Bug Board]
(Please make use of the search tool at the top of the forums to see if a bug has already been reported. If it has, please reply to that thread instead of creating a new thread. In addition to that, please remember that if the bug is VERY game-breaking and exploitable, like free GB, money, etc, you should report it to the modbox instead)

If you have a question you need an answer to, you can ask it in the I'm Lost board here: [I'm Lost] or choose the helpers in the dropdown of the Modbox here: [Modbox]

If you witness rulebreaking, please report it to the moderators here: [Modbox]

If you feel that a moderator has taken unfair action against you or witness a moderator or helper breaking rules, please contact either Clayton: [Message Clayton] or Xylax: [Message Xylax]

If you have helpful critique to give to an artist, message either Xylax: [Message Xylax] or Hlaorith: [Message Hlaorith]

If you feel that an admin has taken unfair action against you or witness an admin breaking rules, please message either Abbey: [Message Abbey] or Kitty: [Message Kitty]