Belongs to Kekkōdesu's Pride
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Lion Stats
0 / 100 (0%)
Level 1
Strength 351 Speed 386
Stamina 369 Smarts 418
Agility 372 Skill 65
Total Stats: 1961

Lion Currents
Age 16 years, 9 months old
Gender Male
Mysterious (Neutral)
Breeding Info
Father Don Karnage (Deceased) Mother Duskfall (Deceased) View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (49)
Appearance Markings
Base Sunset (Pink Skin) Slot 1: Saffron Undercover (69%)
Slot 2: Under White 1 (43%)
Slot 3: Chocolate Facial Spotting (12%)
Slot 4: Under White 4 (19%)
Slot 5: Cream Limb Spotting (23%)
Slot 6: Onyx Cheetah Royal (100%)
Slot 7: Mocha Low Flow (51%)
Slot 8: Chocolate Frontal Spotting (83%)
Slot 9: Hyena Stripes Scarce Cream (63%)
Slot 10: Coral Face (61%)
Slot 11: Henna Back Hair (60%)
Genetics Red Medium Countershaded Special
Eyes Peacock
Mane Type Barbary
Mane Color Astral
Mutation Primal
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Total Patrols 0 Total Stats Gained 0 Total Items Gained 0

You look for Mirai to greet him, and finally find him near the borders of your territory, growling rhythmically into the wind.

If you look closely enough, it looks like he's smiling. Don't know how this is relevant, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Grandpaw Kekkōdesu's voice is soft and distant, his eyes fixed on the horizon. "Now, I want you cubs to remember something," he says. The young lions around him all snuggle closer, watching him intently, eager for his wisdom. "Whenever you feel alone, whenever you feel at your weakest, remember that your pride is always with you. You never walk alone when you're a lion - such is the power of the pride."

"Oh, this is a good one," begins Grandpaw Kekkōdesu. "Once, I dreamed about a way that lions who live far across the savanna from one another could still communicate." The cubs gather around, oohing and aahing as Grandpaw nods. "Impressive, isn't it? It involved a pool of water, spider webs, and a rock heated in the sun. I called it... the interconnected web."

While you're busy mindlessly wandering about, Grandpaw Kekkōdesu suddenly appears and utters a sort of strange riddle, before turning and scampering off. Huh?? Whatever, you never understood that old kook anyhow.