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January Event!


Remember that event STARTS on Jan 1st at 00:00 am Lioden time and ends on January 31st at 11:59 pm, and all your currency will be stored in your account until next year.

We hope you have a happy New Year and that the whole 2019 will be calm, warm and beautiful to you all.
Let us present the January event:



There were horrible rumours going on for few days, but they appear to be true! Prey is scarce due to snow-induced migrations and the carnivores of surrounding African lands are suffering from Great Hunger. With this month's event, you will all work together to create a great food resource for the hungriest lions to make sure your species will survive! Other animals are suffering too...! Maybe you could "help" them die out to have more food to yourself? Or would you rather save them?

Event Areas:
Food Pile - Add all food you can to the pile and unlock free hunger boosts for the rest of the month! You can use the food from the pile once per day, per lion! As of 2019, a Feed All option will appear in Food Pile if you have "Feed All, Play All" feature active on your account.

Carrion Shop - The second bar is boosted by killing event-exclusive scavengers and unlocks a special SB shop! Both bars have 3 tiers, however Carrion Shop has 4 tiers total.

How do you help? - You can deposit a carcass to the pile from your hoard or food stack!.
Note: This affects only your choices on what to do with the food and working as community. It does not affect hunting, etc

Carrion Eaters and Carrion Shop
Carrion Eaters defeated bar will rise based on your actions in Explore with the new Explore Encounters. Along with the tiers rising, the more stuff will keep happening in Explore! Tier 1, 2 and 3 will unlock more and more encounters.
Vultures, starving animals and scavengers will be pesky annoyance, so you decide if you’re gonna be evil and kill them or nice and just get rid of them from these lands. Yes, some do affect karma!

Carrion Shop will open when you unlock this bar - due to everyone having free food from Food Pit, we realise you guys are mostly donating and selling the food, earning SB.
This shop is different than in other events - the prices are in SB. This is a great SB sink that will help deflate the food prices, while not being mandatory to buy from. It contains more than just decors, including Lion Meat in tier 3! Yay!

Leather Beetles icon_dermestid.png
You will gain a Leather Beetle for almost every battle won with creatures from Hunger Event - and as tiers open, there'll be many new encounters in explore that will let you collect leather beetles!

- Leather Beetles can be spent in a special shop called Boneyard.
- Boneyard will unlock when both bars reach tier 1 and will unlock further as they both upgrade.
- Boneyard is a little bit different from normal shops - it will let you Dig for 2% energy to find wares, or you can deposit bones and skulls to do the same. Every Dig/Deposit will show you few items that you can buy for Leather Beetles.
- Items you find stay for any number of days as long as you don't Dig/Deposit again. When you do, new items will replace the current ones.
- Boneyard donating will take any skulls/bones from your hoard. If you want to save some for trading/playing/crafting, we recommend to bury them or put in trades already.
- Some items are exclusive to Dig or Donate Skulls - you can get different results from each!


2019 changes:
- Carrion Shop will feature 15+ new decors/BGs and 1 new marking Applicator.
- Boneyard will feature few 2018 themed decors (such as Black-Backed Jackal or AWD skull decor)
- Boneyard will feature at least 6 new decors/BGs.
- You can now tear some carcasses into 1 use Small Meat Chunks (with same expiration date) for purpose of maintaining Laharu's never-ending hunger.

Remember - Boneyard has small chances of producing rare items such as Giant Tortoise, Lion Meat or Mutie on Demand: Primal.

Extra 2019 update - we have refreshed some old encounter art:


January's Daily Quest and Story
This is a small addition to the Event with a focus on daily quests to help you farm currency and fun rewards.

Aimed to launch on 5th, a special NPC will appear in EVENT section to give you daily quests. We've decided to give it a tiny Novel, a bit like Wenet had, with few steps requiring a rollover to progress (if you join in last days of January - sorry, you might not finish the Novel!).
The story is separated into 3 stages, each Novel unlocking on specific dates (5th - start, 10th - tiny expansion to dailies and 20th - the final with player's choice). We will try to make it so they unlock at rollover and not at midnight so there's no timezone discrimination :D

* The final choice will only affect an Achievement, karma and 1 reward difference. If you're unsure on what to do, please visit our wiki to find out what's the best choice for you!
* The final choice will not stop daily quests!

2019 changes:
There will be a new reward at the end of the Novel. Along with usual Hyena Stripes applicator, you will get additional Applicators, Hyena Spots Heavy and Hyena Spots Scarce, inspired by the Spotted Hyena.


New Carrion Shop applicator this year contains Mottled Fissures, with theme started by Mottled Vents, it's an inverted bottom marking of Mottled Stripes.


These markings aren't available in wardrobe yet - they will be uploaded short time before the areas they appear at are ready.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The "Tigon Hype" Siberian Tiger encounters in Explore will completely cease at 11:59PM LDT tonight. This means that all passive Siberian Tiger encounters, as well as encounters where the Siberian Tiger can give you decors and items, will be gone! We hope you all enjoyed them while they were here.

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yeehaw january

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yay this is epic

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Ooo niceeeee

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it is time

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this is so cool, alexa you know what to do

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This is great!

WOW, The new apps.......

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Oof looks amaze balls

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Cant wait for this event!!

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And also, super excited for January event!!!!

...but, wait, WHAT?! Nuu, you can't take the tigon encounter away, I haven't even encountered the Siberian tiger yet...!!!! *sigh* ...so much for that dream...

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epic gamer moment

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Hell yeah!! This is gonna be awesome

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Oooh, I have so many carcasses to donate!

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