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2019-04-08 11:30:37
Hey! I love this event to death, because all of the stuff in the egg shop is all of the stuff I love in real life (I am planning my chicken coop as we speak, as well as working hard on my garden and planning beds for all of my flowers) and just....need everything in the Egg Shop.

Is there anyone else out there that needs to hoard all of the Animal, Plant, and Pretty Costume decors? I'm not one much for the gory looking stuff, or evil lion decors- I'm too much of a cinnamon bun.

Also, I'm new to decor hoarding, and don't have nearly an impressive enough variety of *things* yet. Any tips from the veterans for a newbie hoarder?

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2019-04-09 09:33:17
I mean, I'm hardly a vet, but i'm also a decoration/background hoarder. Personally I look through the event tier items to see what I want. You can either cheat and look up a guide for what will be unlocked or just save your currency and wait. If there are very expensive items I want I make them my priority . Then I go through the less expensive items and try to weed out the things that I don't want from what I do want. If you find a month where there are things you don't much care for, buy applicators or other rare items and try to sell them after the event since they can go for a few gb or a decent amount of sb and you can use that to get extra energy for the next event. Like you though I've found myself loving nearly everything from the egg shop, so i've had to make some hard choices, lol.