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2019-08-13 20:34:53
I'm looking for active or semi-active members for a Discord roleplay. This roleplay is set in America and follows five Clans: AlderClan, BurrowClan, HeathClan, IceClan, and LightningClan, as they attempt to navigate their lives. There is a plot currently going on, but once it is over, there are other ones lined out.

AlderClan is a Clan that lives entirely in trees. They literally live in trees, sleeping on the branches and hunting in them. They are well trained and good at fighting in the dense overgrowth.
BurrowClan is a Clan that lives almost entirely underground. They live in a cavern beneath part of HeathClan's territory and get around using tunnels they've created themselves.
HeathClan is a Clan that lives on a moor. They are swift, cunning, and ruthless, often being considered less kind than the other Clans.
IceClan is a Clan that lives in the mountains, in a very snowy and cold area. Cats here often have thick pelts and are skilled jumpers.
LightningClan is a Clan that lives in a rock quarry. Due to the heat in their area, they tend to have thinner pelts that are brown/gray (though other colors are existent) to blend in with the rocks.

There are several unique ranks in this roleplay.
DEPUTY: Though deputy is not a "unique" rank, the way the cat becomes deputy IS unique. A vote is initiated and whoever wins the vote becomes the new deputy. There is often a "campaign" beforehand.
STRATEGIST: The strategist basically oversees fights and never actually fights themself. They are the wisest cat in the Clan, not always the oldest but usually.
MEDICINE CAT: Medicine cat is also not "unique", but I felt the need to add it here to explain that they can have mates and kits in this roleplay, as long as they are not the only medicine cat in the Clan.
SUN-SEER: The Sun-seer is a very unique rank with too many special requirements to list here. Essentially, they act as omen-interpreters, with the ability to also see their ancestors almost constantly. They also predict the weather.
HEAD GUARDIAN / GUARDIANS: The guardians are the defenders of the Clan. They are the cats who are most skilled in combat. The Head Guardian is the guardian with the most experience and skill. They gain their rank through a competition (more info in the roleplay documents linked in the server).
HEAD HUNTER / HUNTERS: The hunters are the cats responsible for feeding the Clan. The Head Hunter is the same as the Head Guardian and must win a competition to earn their rank.

The cats worship two Clans; MorningClan and NightClan. Good cats go to MorningClan, average/bad cats go to NightClan. Over time, the cats begin to fade, and based on their willpower may either be reincarnated or fade out of existence entirely and enter the Void.

I'm going to link the naming style here so everyone knows what their character's name must adhere to. If you wish to use a name not listed there, please shoot me a PM so I can tell you whether it would be allowed or not, and if not then I will tell you why. Though the prefixes are lenient, the suffixes are not as much, as we don't want an overcrowding of suffixes.

If still interested, here is a link to the roleplay. I understand this roleplay will not be for everyone.

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