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2019-08-13 21:18:41
You wake up before the sun rises as usual. It is a cool morning with clear starry skies. Quite the rarity around here. You decide to go out and explore given the nice weather. Getting up, you shake yourself off and head to the entrance of your den. Looking back at your lionesses and cubs, off you go.

You had no specific direction in mind, just aimless wandering. You find some bird feathers along the way. Nothing too interesting otherwise.

A strange scent catches your nose. Is that... lavender? Sometimes the humans will have lavender traded from faraway places, but you’ve never seen it grow in these lands. There are no humans nearby, though, and the scent is rather strong. You follow the smell. It’s something to do at least.

You find the edge of a field of lavender. You can’t see the end on either side. Sure it’s still dark, but this large of a field? Here? The stars illuminate the lavender as a soft breeze shifts the plants around. Perhaps you could take some for your pride. Your lionesses are always interested in new nesting material. The Giving Tree could also benefit from a rare herb donation. You’ll be a hero! Making a point to remember this location, you are still curious as to how this field got here. Remembering there are no humans nearby, they couldn’t have planted this. There’s no fence around it either. You feel determined to find out! You aren’t sure how you’re going to do that, but you will! You start heading into the field with a confident but wary feeling.

After a while, you notice a few figures in the distance. They appear to be... lions? Yeah, they’re lions. Getting closer, you notice a rather tall one. Taller than the others. Must be their King, you think. You get closer for a better look, but the tall one notices you. He stands up and you see how tall he really is. He’s taller then you, that’s for sure. You stand your ground but try not to appear threatening. You notice that the sun begins to rise behind him.

“Hau, kola! Taku eniciyapi?” His voice booms through the area. The lavender seems to bow at his paws in the breeze, and the sun behind him only magnifies his regal appearance. The lionesses glare at you and some take up defensive stances. The King looks at you with a soft expression that somehow puts you at ease.

You have absolutely no idea what he said, of course. You remain silent, not knowing how to respond.

“Ah forgive me! I forget others do not share our language! Come, come, you look hungry!” He seems genuinely apologetic, and waves you over with a giant paw. You could go for a meal, you’ve been out for a while now. You approach slowly with your head low so as not to further agitate the lionesses. They relax a little but still watch you warily.

You sit next to the King around a surprisingly large pile of meat. Mouth watering, you look up at the King and he nods at you with a smile. This was not a meal, this was a feast!


You haven’t eaten that well in ages! Usually you are the one to provide food, not the other way around! You showed your appreciation to the King by offering the feathers you found earlier. It’s not nearly as much as you’d like, but it’s all you had on you. He thanks you as a cub takes the feathers somewhere. The sun is now high in the sky, and boy that meal left you tired! Just as you come to this realization, the scent of the surrounding lavender becomes overwhelming. You thought you had grown used to it by now but... wow that’s... really strong. So... tired... perhaps a little nap can’t hurt? No you should head home! But... so... tiiiiiired....

The last thing you see before your eyes close are the lionesses surrounding you as the King appears to be telling them something. Something about “leaving” and “strangers.”

You black out.



You wake up in your den surrounded by your lionesses. They appear concerned for you. “Where were you? You were gone for a whole day!” Says one of them in a worried tone.

You face toward the entrance to the den and see that it is dark out. It was noon when you went to sleep, wasn’t it? You were in that field, you remember. How did you get here? You aren’t hurt, just rather well rested. Is the lavender field still there? That wasn’t a dream, it was too vivid! You share your story with your pride. The cubs stare in awe as the lionesses share confused expressions.


The next morning you head out in search of the lavender field. You have questions that need answers!


You could have sworn this is where it was... but... nothing? There’s no lavender. Not even dead lavender. It’s just... gone! That pride you found was definitely connected to the field. Even they are nowhere to be found. You roared but received no response. How does a pride just disappear? You know of nomadic groups but who takes a whole field of plants that don’t even grow here?!

Perhaps there is more to them then you think... you’ll have to stay on the lookout for a field of lavender in the future

There’s no way you imagined all that, right? Maybe you were just out for too long and fainted somehow. But then... who, or... what, brought you home?

** s.G

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