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2019-09-29 17:34:05
Hello there! I'm Charles, but you're welcome to call me whatever you like.

This thread, as you probably guessed by the title, was made considering I am looking for roleplay partners! I have not been on Lioden for very long but I have experience with roleplaying and around 8 years of it. I type a paragraph at least, and the most I have done in a single post is six or seven paragraphs. Bear in mind, I reply based on what you give me as a post. Give me three paragraphs? I'll probably give you the same amount.

Before I get onto the rules, here's some basic information I suppose I'll get asked.

My pronouns? Really doesn't matter to me, honestly.
My Timezone? GMT - Britain. No, I don't drink tea. [Insomnia has affected me since I was a child, so I am awake practically all the time.]
My age? Don't worry. I am between the age of 18-22.
Am I busy? Quite! I have a full time job, as well as side work. But you can expect frequent replies.

I think that's it! Please ask if you have any more questions about my personal life. I really don't bite.


➢ What do I roleplay?

Videogames [Depends]
Modern / Futuristic
Survival / Apocalypse
All Genres

Please bear in mind, I have no triggers. I am comfortable with Roleplay of any and all maturity.

!! If there are any things you think might upset you or I please bring them up - My roleplays do tend to include maturity. !!

I can do all pairings but at this time prefer MxM. I am experienced in MxM and MxF, however not so much FxF, so if we do FxF please bear with me. :)

[Ask for any others. I probably just forgot haha.]

➢ Currently Can Roleplay?
* - Craving

*Red Dead Redemption
*The Walking Dead [TV Show / Game / Made up Universe]
*Fallout 4
Farcry Primal
The Last Of Us
Warrior Cats
Highschool stuff
Call of Duty [All games]
Rainbow Six Siege
Horizon Zero Dawn

[Please ask about any others! I'm interested in most everything.]


When it comes to my characters, I usually draw them, not use faceclaims but you can do whatever you like! Most of my characters currently don't have art since I am re-working them, however, I do have good descriptions.

If you're interested in roleplaying with me, feel free to leave a comment or message me!

Character Sheets

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Delinquent (#95362)

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Posted on
2019-10-02 06:16:50
Hey, I'd love to RP with you!

Mostly interested in a RDR themed RP (though I don't RP as anyone canon to the original story), however I'd be fine with mixing two together e.g RDR + Pokemon. Also wouldn't mind a The Walking Dead RP, but my knowledge of the game/show is limited.

soap (#156616)

Total Chad
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Posted on
2019-10-10 08:56:29
omg hello i absolutely ADORE rdr, like-- i will die for the game, coughs @ my entire page-- i'd love to do something rdr themed!!

mossii (#188767)

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Posted on
2019-11-07 21:48:58
I would love to discuss starting either a Skryim or RDR roleplay with you! I'm also open to something original and based on either of the games if you'd prefer.

Todoroki-Senpai (#119802)

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Posted on
2019-12-05 06:20:47
Hello, I would love to do a 'The walking dead' Roleplay! I havent watched the last couple of seasons due to no cable, but ive watched the show since i was like 10! I love it!