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2019-10-16 18:01:56
Design My Heir Contest

The end of my current kings time is coming so I thought I'd hold a contest for a new heir design. I have not purchased the new heir yet, so I don't have a base to work with, just know that I want him to be a pie (preferably a white pie, not black)

✧ I only have 32 GB and I still need to buy the heir (will probably spend around 2-5 GB on that), so please keep that in mind
✧ Has to be a pie
✧10 markings max
✧ Applicator markings ONLY
✧ Please also try to incorperate apps I have already (listed below) although if they don't fit into your design, that's fine, just make sure the cost of the new apps are under 32 GB
✧ Adding decor is cool but not required
✧ Ends November 10th

Multiple entries allowed!

Apps list
+ Brimstone core
+ bloodborne stains

✧ Cohesive designs/markings that blend well together
✧ Colors
✧ Unholy mane
✧ Nautilus body
✧ Lab test frog + pose (please take into consideration price)

✧ Crowded designs
✧ Color bombs
✧ RMA just because its too random

1st: one of the remaining apps I have (please don't let this influence your design) + 12 free breedings
2nd: 8 free breedings
3rd: 5 free breedings

Have fun and good luck, thanks!!

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AnonymousMuffin (#148963)

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Posted on
2019-10-16 18:02:05

Gen 3 (#129704)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2019-10-16 19:09:03
Are you planning to mut replace him? I'm considering if I should add a rosette marking on him, because if you are not mut replacing him, it would probably be pretty expensive to buy a rosette piebald

AnonymousMuffin (#148963)

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Posted on
2019-10-16 19:45:33
I'm not sure what that means ,sorry, but I was just gonna buy a piebald from the trading center

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samaki (Ruby EHR
Fiss) (#168329)

Bone Collector
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Posted on
2019-10-16 21:46:40
no pose, no decor:
posed, with decor:

stuff used:
nacre mark app: 6 GB
ember mark app: ??? not in game yet, but will be event currency
rugged face: 14 GB
2x custom marking app (for the noctis marks): 6GB
jasper dust: 3 GB
incubus mane app: will be craftable from shards of evil

total cost: 29ish GB, plus event stuff

Gen 3 (#129704)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2019-10-16 21:55:40
Oh, mutation replacing basically means that you king a lion who you want for your king's appearance, and then use a mutated lion to replace him by ticking the box "keep the appearance of my current king". So that you can have a king that has the looks of the first king, but a mutation, stats, and heritage of the second male.
But it's okay, I'll see what I can do :)

Gen 3 (#129704)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2019-10-16 22:51:29
Without decor:
A possible suggestion of decoration:

I used this lion as base
She's up for sale for 2 gb

1. Aufeis base (In your app list) = 0 gb
2. 3*Marking removal (Oasis) = 3 gb
3. 2*Marking Opacity Changer (Monkey business) = 3600 sb ≈ 3 gb
4. Fiery Unders (In your app list) = 0 gb
5. Ardor Splendor (February Event) = 45 gb
6. Dicey Ice (In your app list) = 0 gb
7. Applicator: Hyena Stripes Heavy (In your app list, I'm not sure if yours is heavy or scarce, but they both work I guess) = 0 gb
8. Applicator: Hyena Spots Scarce (January Event) = 6gb (or 12 gb for a full set of 4 hyena apps in tc)
9. Marking Applicator (Oasis) = 3 gb
10. Eye changer = 3 gb
11. Pose (In your app list) = 0 gb

I guess the ardor marking is too expensive at this time of the year. But I think she still looks okay without the ardor marking, and you can buy the app in February later if you are willing to. The total gb usage excluding the ardor app is 14 gb.

AnonymousMuffin (#148963)

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Posted on
2019-10-17 06:15:31
@Chidori|Clean Gen 3 - Ahh, okay, thank you! Adding your entry to the list! :)

@samaki (2k RR EHR - adding your entry to the list, thanks!

Eternal (#18330)

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Posted on
2019-10-17 06:58:11
So here is my entry. It may need a little fund raising, but I wanted to share anyway. It can also be edited to fit your budget, I'm sure.

Of course, Mane Type and Eye Color is optional and will be based on the lion you purchase, I just thought these looked good, so I slapped them on. :)

I put Corrupted Patches on him, but other Patches and Pies looks good too. What looks best are: Dense, Corrupted, Fringe, Light, Mosaic, and Withered.

Design Link

What I used:

Good Pose - 1GB

Base: Augur (App List)

Onyx Brawl (App List)

Ebony Rugged Back (20 GB) - I know this one is kind of expensive for a random applicator, it can be changed, it just looked good! I think most any of the colors worked with the design though, so even if you just bought one and didn't get Ebony, it would still look good.

Onyx Ringed - Marking Applicator - 3 GB

Locust Inverted Quagga (App List)

Fiery Bottom (App List) - Though any of the other Fiery markings may work.

Locust Ghost Feralis (App List)

Kimanjano Mottled Vents - 20 GB - Again, a little expensive but it looks really good. This is one at least a guaranteed marking!

Fiery Mottled Fissures - 20 GB - I'm sorry. XD I like expensive things apparently. I'm sure this particular marking could be edited and replaced with something less expensive.

Sunset Lace - 30 GB - Again, my bad. Fundraising. I just....I love the color scheme.

Feel free to disregard completely. XD

Working on a list for of what I used and how much it costs for you!

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AnonymousMuffin (#148963)

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Posted on
2019-10-17 07:55:51
@Eternal (#18330) - adding to the list, thanks! :)

jungler (#69480)

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Posted on
2019-10-17 11:03:45
here is my entry! as for the cost of applicators:
⯈ favour of anubis = 0 gb (available in hoard)
⯈ 1x possession = 0 gb (available in this month's event)
⯈ 1x augur fur = 0 gb (available in hoard)
⯈ 1x eye applicator: struthio = 0 gb (available in monkey business by crafting)
⯈ 1x skin changer = 0 gb (available in monkey business)
⯈ 2x gregarious mark = 0 gb (available in hoard)
⯈ 1x eldritch immolation = 0 gb (available in hoard)
⯈ 1x applicator: inverted brawl = 0 gb (available in hoard)
⯈ demonic imprints = 0 gb (available in this month's event)
⯈ feline applicator: auburn = 0 gb (available in the gorilla enclave)
⯈ 1x fiery unders = 0 gb (available in hoard)
⯈ 3x marking applicator = 9 gb

it looks fine without the feline applicator, in the event you don't want to collect 300 mt! i just wanted to fill all 10 marking slots.

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AnonymousMuffin (#148963)

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Posted on
2019-10-17 13:46:34
@jungler (#69480) - thank you for your entry, adding now!

Surrealin (#110923)

Notable Lion
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Posted on
2019-10-17 20:30:02
heres my entry! Looks great with both corrupted and Svelte.

I used mostly everything you have except for a couple of things :)

Favour of Anubis- App list

Both Gregarious Markings- App list

Fiery unders- App list

Eldritch Immolation- App list

Kimanjano Mottled Vents- Free if you have the materials! Which don't take too long to collect(100 Honey Bush, 20 Dream Root, 20 Uzara, 20 Umganu, and 20 Uqume) or if you want to buy them the price usually ranges from 1gb-5gb for large bundles. However, the actual app is for sale on the branch for 18000sb and around 20gb.

Dicey Ice- App list

Bloodbourne Stains- Available for 150 blood beetles in the shop but at the moment there is only 1 available on the branch atm for 10gb and 1000sb. This app is not a necessity for the design and can be removed without affecting it too much.

Inverted Brawl- App list

1 Marking app- 3gb

Pose: Good- 1gb

Total cost:
It is possible for this design to only be 4gb. But that dosent include the cost of the actually buying a lion with corrupted.

Can be up to (rough estimate)34gb but thats not really the actual price. And its only because of the Kimanjano Vents and Bloodbourne Stains but like I said above there is other ways to get them beside gb.

And if you like the background you can get it in Monkey Business for 1000sb.

AnonymousMuffin (#148963)

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Posted on
2019-10-18 10:22:46
@Surrealin (#110923) - thanks for your entry, adding you to the list!

Dani California (#147138)

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Posted on
2019-10-22 16:12:10
Here's my design!

List of used apps:

- Augur Prophecy and Mane (both in list)

- Dust: Fire Opal (4gb, but can be crafted in November)

- Eldritch Immolation (in list)

- Brimstone Imprints (10 Shards of Evil or 1gb)

- Burning Embers (10 SoE or 3gb)

- Fiery Unders (in list)

- Applicator: Hyena Spots Scarce (1gb)

- Bloodbourne Stains (150BB or 10 GB)

- Marking Applicator (Oasis) x2 (6gb)

- Pose: Neutral and Lab Test Frog (3gb)

Total: 27 GB

AnonymousMuffin (#148963)

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Posted on
2019-10-22 20:00:49
@💀Spookstone Dazzle💀 (#147138) - thank you! Adding your entry to the list