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2020-01-20 15:26:48
Hello, interested in joining Gryphon's Ballad? Please read this thread carefully dlso you understand what this roleplay is about. Even after reading and still have questions? Don't be afraid to comment down below.

Gryphon's Ballad is a mature, dark nature-based realism, paired with sentient fantasy beasts. I'm looking for members who can handle the brutality of how nature can be. This rp is 16+. If you're confused by why it needs to be mature, it's due to the themes involved; violence, murder, the mention of mating, or other things along those lines.

About The Roleplay

Gryphon's Ballad will involved two different prides; The Exceptional Northern Pride and the Despicable Southern Pride. Both prides have been neighbors for several generations, but as time as gone on, their relationship seems to have worsen. Why? Because prey in the south are slowly disappearing, which means the south has to turn to other means of getting food for themselves.

Northern Pride

The Northern Pride is the strongest pride and probably the one most rounded. They are a much more open and welcoming pride and one which accepts those around them. Helpful if needed as well, they tend to be mostly honorable sorts. The Northern Pride is full of capable warriors, healers and so much more. They have a place for everyone in the pride and strive off of empowering one another through covering weaknesses. The Northern Pride gryphons are competent team players who are close in connection much like a massive family, this allows for them to work among and with one another in an almost perfect manner. When it comes to the Northern Pride, they are known all across the land and act not only as a powerful pride, but a welcome and open haven available to those in need. The only downside to such a large pride is being naive. Since they don't get into much conflict, they view things too lightly from time to time, taking things for granted.

Southern Pride

The Southern Pride are a bunch of ruthless gryphons, always taking and never giving. They are ruled by a dictator. He keeps all the best females for himself and leave the rest for his Generals and other males. The pride is very closed off and their bloodlines are very limited, meaning everyone is nearly closely related to eachother than they should be. When in need of new blood, they steal females from the Northern Pride. Living in such a desolate land, this pride is all about fending for yourself. If you want to survive, you must hunt for yourselves after hunting for the dictating king and his small flock of queens.

Pride Roles

There are many roles to choose from, but the King and Queen of the North is already taken. You can be a Teacher, Warrior, Hunter, General, or Queens. Some roles do have limits, so if you want it, please apply for the role.

Special Note: If you want to be the Dictator of the Southern Pride, you need to be Fairly Active and at least semi-lit. This is a very demanding role. You can just apply and suddently leave/quit. You need to look at your schedule and decide if this role is for you. If you want the role please apply for it, but keep in mind, there will be others going against you. If you really want the role, please provide a rp example. It shows you really want it. You can apply for the position as the Dictator in the comments below. Myself and another friend(admin) will be looking over these.

Discord Name/ID:
Position: Dictaor
How Active Are You?:
Rp Example

Other than that, if you want to join, and don't want to be the role for the Lead Male in Southern Pride; here is a direct link to the Discord Server Gryphon's Ballad

Thank You for Reading and Have a Nice Day!

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WubWubBub (#46785)

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Posted on
2020-01-21 19:14:56
I'd be interested in taking a look at this!

Anders [Clean] (#184450)

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Posted on
2020-01-22 20:19:28
I'm interested!

Jerry Manger (#84325)

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Posted on
2020-01-23 16:59:33
I'm interested as well!!

[SIDE] (#154427)

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Posted on
2020-01-23 23:51:37
Interested! :3

Ticklicous (#490)

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Posted on
2020-03-11 08:28:47
Posting here to sub to the thread so I can bump at times. I'm Tickle, one of the admins of the RP! Want to announce that we're officially open-open for members now!

SoyBoy (#6036)

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Posted on
2020-03-11 20:42:14
heyya i'm interested in this :D

Alma But
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Posted on
2020-03-17 13:55:16
I think I'd be interested! As an avid fantasy gamer with a total HUGE LOVE of anything gryphon, I love the concept! Do you have species stipulations? Are these your average eagle/lion gryphs? (so many questions and I apologize ahead of time)

JT (#197477)

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Posted on
2020-03-21 12:23:22
I'm pretty interested in this.