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This lion is immortal! It will not age or get hungry.

Appearance Markings
Base Bloodbourne (Black Skin) Slot 1: Nacre Crackle (40%)
Slot 2: Scoria Puma (50%)
Slot 3: Red Cheetah Heavy (50%)
Slot 4: Nimravus Henna (100%)
Slot 5: Scoria Shroud (70%)
Slot 6: Mottled Rosette (100%)
Slot 7: Ivory Bottom (100%)
Slot 8: White Eyebrows (100%)
Slot 9: Onyx Vitiligo (100%)
Slot 10: Quartz Cockled Unders (100%)
Genetics Red Dark Solid Special
Eyes Paradise
Mane Type Heavy
Mane Color Supernal
Mutation Leopon
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Abaddon Skies

Eye Liner {Leopons Only}
Leopon Goddess Red
4th Generation Leopon

You sighed and stared up at a yummy meal you found stashed in a tree... Then suddenly Ariadne climbed right up and knocked it down for you! Awesome!

1st Breeding (2yrs): 3 cubs; nothing
2nd Breeding (3yrs 8mths): 2 Cubs, both mottled and 1 pie
3rd Breeding (5yrs 4mths): 3 Cubs, all mottled 1 Shedua
4th Breeding (7yrs): 2 Cubs, 1 Leopon 1 Mottled
5th Breeding (8yrs 7mths): 2 Cubs, nothing
6th Breeding (10yrs 3mths): 3 Cubs, 2 Mottled 1 Umber
7th Breeding (11yrs 10mths): 4 Cubs, 1 Cinnabar, 1 Mottled Shedua, 1 Mottled