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"angelic | draconid | MS"

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Lion Stats
0 / 100 (0%)
Level 1
Strength 74 Speed 80
Stamina 79 Smarts 88
Agility 84 Skill 6
Total Stats: 411

Lion Currents
Age 12 years, 3 months old
Gender Male
Mysterious (Neutral)
Breeding Info
Father Jacqueline III (Deceased) Mother Ro'shen (Deceased) View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (0)
Appearance Markings
Base Angelic (White Skin) Slot 1: Skyward Cover (58%)
Slot 2: Heather Smudge (10%)
Slot 8: Mottled Stripes (100%)
Genetics Golden Light Countershaded Special
Eyes Draconid
Mane Type Thick
Mane Color Celestial
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Setting Sun

Tigers Eye
Total Patrols 19 Total Stats Gained 36 Total Items Gained 8

Juila is the oddball son of the queen Sour. She spotted him while speaking with a king from the southen lands, and felt a natural protective instict for the queer little cub. He is not the smartest, often getting into danger, but with his feirce mother and sister he is yet to be hurt. He loves to babysit the cubs and pets and swim in the river (poorly).
You are explring a mossy woodland when you spot a tiny, multi-colored male gently petting a wasp's nest.. before you can scream at him to stop, a mighty white-furred female with black marks like cresent moons sweeping across her coat dives from a shrub and knocks it away from the weirdo. "Julia! I've told you, those are NOT yellow pet rocks with a weird texture!" she gasps. He seems deeply upset that he has dissapointed her, and he lowers his head. Fat tears roll from his distincitve, snake-like eyes. "aww, don't cry, Julie! I was just worried for you, when your kid brother is trying to be stung to death by wasps you kinda don't think" she half-laughs kindly. She wipes away his tears and nuzzles him before asking if he wants to go for a swim (in the shallow end)- this is when an even bigger lioness enters the clearing. A chubby shrew waddles at her heel, it's nose in the air. "There you two are! Did I hear swim?" she smiles. The shrew suddenly looks scared, and it begins to back away slowly. "Yeah! Sky did say swim! You love to swim, right, Cheeto?" Julia says while scooping up the wide-eyed shrew. They all head off to the stream, and you head home before those intimidating lionesses see you and chase you out!