Belongs to Villanelle's Former Pride

Real Me πŸ’–

" tigon | 5x02"

Lion Stats
0 / 100 (0%)
Level 1
Strength 2 Speed 2
Stamina 2 Smarts 3
Agility 2 Skill 3
Total Stats: 14
Lion Currents
Age 15 years old
Sex Female
Pose Default
Distrustful (Evil)

Elder Stage
Newborn Stage 100%
Young Cub Stage 100%
Cub Stage 100%
Adolescent Stage 100%
Adult Stage 100%
Elder Stage 100%
Breeding Info
Father Captain Conrad Bradgate (Deceased) Mother ✧ Under Your Spell ✧ View Full Heritage
Last Bred 18 days ago Fertility Low (57%) View All Cubs Bred (6)
Appearance Markings
Base Hirola (Clouded Skin) Slot 3: Dim Saffron (32%) Tier 2
Slot 4: Ginger Freckles 2 (84%) Tier 2
Slot 5: Feline 9 Ginger (34%) Tier 2
Slot 6: Ginger Freckles 3 (85%) Tier 2
Slot 7: Feline 1 Ginger (47%) Tier 2
Slot 8: Gold Dorsal Line (59%) Tier 2
Slot 9: Bone Ear Spots (20%) Tier 1
Slot 10: Shell Underfelt (93%) Tier 2
Genetics Golden Medium Countershaded Special
Eyes Rose
Mane Type Barbary
Mane Color Fulvous
Mutation Tigon
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Acacia Forest

Baby Cub Brown
Eye of the Fierce Roar
Montane Charaxes
Lifetime Hunting Results
Total Hunts 0 Successful Hunts 0 Success Rate 0%

Born 18th of August 2021 in Villanelle's pride. And in the first litter of Under Your Spell 🎢. Named after second episode of the fifth season of BtVS.

She's 1st tigon with Gold Dorsal Line & 13th tigon with any dorsal mark.
She has 11 BO points (skin, eyes, mane color & all 8 markings)
I think that there's less than 10 tigons with so many breed only traits.

- Changes made/planned -

β–ͺ Base from Bone to Hirola?

- Potential Studs (RL clones or semi clones) -

β–ͺ Á𝑖𝑛𝑒 | Maziwa, pale, Hetero Cuc-Saf, SavAnjeer, 7BO
β–ͺ Twister | Maziwa, peach, banana, SavAnjeer, 10BO
β–ͺ Witchwood | Bushveld, peach, banana, SavAmber, 9BO
β–ͺ Chryseis | Bushveld, pale, grape, Pearl, 9BO (if online)
β–ͺ π™ΆπšŠπšπš˜πš›πšŠπšΙ› | Bushveld, peach, starshine, Amber, 2-3BO
β–ͺ Elwin | Goridhe, banana, Sepia, 10BO

- Breeding Log -

Heat #1
β–ͺ 2yo, N|Opal Saltlick (on Áine), Rock Salt (on her), Buffalo Scrotum, IBF| 3 cubs: no tigons

Heat #2
β–ͺ 3y 8m, N|Opal Saltlick (on Áine), Rock Salt (on her), Buffalo Scrotum, IBF|3 cubs: 1 tigon

In-game interactions
"After instructing your lionesses to go out on a hunt, Real Me πŸ’– walked up to you and looked offended at your inability to hunt your own meal. You explained that the females of the pride are the ones who kill prey and provide for the pride. Real Me πŸ’– turns up her nose and struts away, muttering under her breath about "useless males" and "outdated societal norms". What?"

"Real Me πŸ’– noticed your mane was looking a bit dirty and tangled, so she offered to groom it for you. You quickly declined, saying you'll take care of it later on your own. You still had a bald spot from the last time Real Me πŸ’– cleaned you with their barbed tongue."

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