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**Cosette ✨

"Ebony | Dawn | NSR NR CS PON"

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This lioness will fall pregnant on her next breeding no matter her fertility!
This lioness gave birth in the past two years. She is on a breeding cool down and will be breedable again in 20 real life days.
Lion Stats
13983 / 15840 (88%)
Level 13
Strength 55 Speed 31
Stamina 45 Smarts 41
Agility 34 Skill 42
Total Stats: 248

Lion Currents
Age 5 years, 9 months old
Gender Female
Pose Default
Cold (Evil)
Breeding Info
Father Snowcone (Deceased) Mother ! Calico Jack 41384 View Full Heritage
Last Bred 3 days ago Fertility Very Low (1%) View All Cubs Bred (52)
Appearance Markings
Base Ebony (Black Skin) Slot 1: White Thrashed Unders (100%) Tier 3
Slot 2: Maofelis Lilac (61%) Tier 6
Slot 3: Feralis White (34%) Tier 6
Slot 4: Noctis Pelage (92%) Tier 2
Slot 5: Feline 8 Noctis (100%) Tier 2
Slot 7: Noctis Soft Rosette (100%) Tier 4
Slot 8: Celestial Speckles (100%) Tier 3
Slot 9: Noctis Rosette (100%) Tier 4
Slot 11: Noctis Quail Flecks (92%) Tier 3
Slot 12: Noctis Siamese (85%) Tier 3
Genetics Black Dark Solid Rare
Eyes Dawn
Mane Type Hellraiser
Mane Color Ebony
Mutation Leopon
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Flowering Vines

Black-Eared Mantella
Lab Test Frog
Angelic Blessing
Camouflaged Snake
Sunflower VeilCustom Decor
Warm SunlightCustom Decor
Lifetime Hunting Results
Total Hunts 143 Successful Hunts 142 Success Rate 99%

Nursing Cubs
This lioness is currently nursing the following cubs...
ACHRO Korat Daw/clo 3 ebo
Black Daw/clo 3 CS roy slate
Jet Daw/clo 2 CS slate
I hate you so much
Litters: 25
Pons: 3 (@ 21, 23, & 25)
Clones: 1 (@ 23)
Souls: 1 (@ 7)

My new obsession <3
Was going to only roll once a year but…I’m not going to be alive for 127 years lmao. So as much as it pains me to roll and not breed her…it has to be done :( probably going to roll once every few months to RMA and such

You were going to ask Cosette ✨ to join you for a meal, but her icy stare stopped you in your tracks. How lovely.

———————— ————————

March 4 2022
Purchased for 400 GB and 15 Buffy Balls (priced at 550 GB), bred twice, applied White Thrashed Unders to Slot 1 [5 GB]

April 7 2022
Rolling to RMA, send funds to Main, age cubs, sort out some lion trades, etc.
Aged her 4 cubs [8 GB]
Angelic Blessing [12000 SB]
Opal Saltlick [500 SB]

April 27 2022
Rolling to RMA, send funds to main (60 GB lmao), sort out current trades, put up more trades, take trades from main to put up on side instead, Mut rep my side king, etc.
Added a slot [500 SB]

May 19 2022
Rolling to RMA, send funds to main (54 ish GB), set up trades, etc.

June 1 2022
Rolling to transfer funds to main (5000+ SB & 27 GB) to try my luck at a 100 GB raffle….we’llsee how that goes. Also RMAing and resetting trades

June 18 2022
Rolled to transfer funds to buy a full use meat pie for 6 GB very good deal couldn’t let it go, also rmaing while she’s rolled

June 20 2022
Rolled to finish June event storyline to get app to sell for 12 GB and RMA a little bit

July 23 2022
Rolled to transfer new Gon to side for freezing, run through some of the July event, to send Jan & Feb savings to side to be able to collect SB on main, etc.

August 15 2022
Rolled to transfer funds to buy GB since prices are going back up, using XP levels to get more event currency, etc.

August 17 2022
Rolled to get the anniversary gift uwu

October 23 2022
Rolled to transfer Mut rep to side, RMAing a tiny bit, grinding for some extra BB while I’m rolled bc why not, and changing her mane shape from Normal to Hellraiser

Nov 18 2022
Rolled to apply her piety marks, get the anniversary gift, and RMA a tiny bit. Applied Noctis Quail Flecks to Slot 11, applied Noctis Siamese to Slot 12, revealed Slot 13 for RMAing. This makes her the FIRST hybrid to have Noctis Quail Flecks as a marking. Will need to roll to transfer Heir in December most likely but other than that there is no reason to roll her until Feb/March. Should probably roll on Feb 28th, use all my daily energy boosts on this account to collect more last minute HS for more barks and then do the breedings late in the day I’d say.

Dec 29 2022
Rolling to send Mut rep to main, send Jan & Feb SB funds to main, RMA a tiny bit, collect Dec advent rewards & last-minute stinkbugs, and stud NCLs to Moira to try for Daedals on main. Also entered for the raffle lioness on this acc too. Shouldn’t need to roll again until Feb!

Feb 1 2023
Rolling to grind for event currency on both accounts and using the 2 RMAs I have

Feb 2 2023
Rolling to grind for HS and equipping some of the breeding items to Cosette. Realized I somehow have 31 gnaws instead of 30??? I guess I can use one on the gon after all?

Feb 3 2023
Rolling to grind for HS. Got a LM from lioness quest yipee

Feb 4 2023
Rolling to grind for HS. Yipee your NQF finally shows up lmao only took 10 months for it to get fixed

Feb 5 2023
Rolling to grind for HS

Feb 6 2023
Rolling to grind for HS and breed the gon

———————— ————————

RMA log is on thread

Dec 29th 2022 - 5 RMAs & 5 Removers

Slot 13: Brown Gradient 1, Tangor Facial Spotting, Noctis Snout, Onyx Ripple, Black Cowl

Feb 1st 2023 - 2 RMAs & 2 Removers

Slot 13: Gold Tail Carving, Quartz Strokes

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