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Meteorites of Millennia Past

"4 BO|cocoa|x2 leonid"

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This lioness will come into heat in 2 days.
Lion Stats
8970 / 24750 (36%)
Level 16
Strength 74 Speed 74
Stamina 56 Smarts 76
Agility 54 Skill 3
Total Stats: 337

Lion Currents
Age 11 years, 5 months old
Sex Female
Pose Default
Nurturing (Good)
Breeding Info
Father Ardea (Deceased) Mother Asteroid (Deceased) View Full Heritage
Last Bred More than 20 days ago Fertility Very Low View All Cubs Bred (3)
Appearance Markings
Base Cocoa (Tan Skin) Slot 1: Leonid Smoke (44%) Tier 3
Slot 2: Glass Pelt Heavy (60%) Tier 3
Slot 3: Leonid Coat (88%) Tier 3
Slot 9: White Mottled Fissures (19%) Tier 3
Genetics Black Medium Countershaded Rare
Eyes Crystal
Mane Type Normal
Mane Color Cotton Candy
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Lifetime Hunting Results
Total Hunts 0 Successful Hunts 0 Success Rate 0%

You were enjoying the soft sound of birds. Then, Meteorites of Millennia Past proudly sauntered up, farted, and then died laughing. They think it's far funnier than you do. Cubs.

Meteorites of Millennia Past asks if you have invented any new, adorable cub names yet.

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