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This lioness gave birth in the past two years. She is on a breeding cool down and will be breedable again in 16 real life days.
Lion Stats
9518 / 8910 (100%)
Level 10
Strength 60 Speed 85
Stamina 84 Smarts 84
Agility 57 Skill 18
Total Stats: 388

Lion Currents
Age 9 years, 5 months old
Sex Female
Pose Evil
Rebellious (Evil)
Breeding Info
Father ✨Oleander✨ (Deceased) Mother Ncl chased interstellar marks View Full Heritage
Last Bred 7 days ago Fertility Average View All Cubs Bred (3)
Appearance Markings
Base Ebony (Dusky Skin) Slot 1: Interstellar Crackle (50%) Tier 3
Slot 3: Prismatic Flare (53%) Tier 3
Slot 5: Interstellar Feralis (99%) Tier 3
Slot 6: Prismatic Valiant (44%) Tier 3
Slot 8: Interstellar Margay (86%) Tier 3
Genetics Black Dark Solid Rare
Eyes Pink
Mane Type Barbary
Mane Color Cloudburst
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations

Death Battle Mask
Meerkat Skull Necklace
War Paint: Inspiration
Fur and Feather Bodywear
Lifetime Hunting Results
Total Hunts 40 Successful Hunts 40 Success Rate 100%

Nursing Cubs
This lioness is currently nursing the following cubs...
You greet Nemesis by nudging them with your nose. They squirmed and batted at you, before dashing in a circle.

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