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This lioness gave birth in the past two years. She is on a breeding cool down and will be breedable again in 19 real life days.
Lion Stats
21 / 100 (21%)
Level 1
Strength 52 Speed 49
Stamina 45 Smarts 42
Agility 36 Skill 3
Total Stats: 227
Lion Currents
Age 4 years, 9 months old
Sex Female
Pose Kind
Proud (Good)

Adult Stage
Newborn Stage 100%
Young Cub Stage 100%
Cub Stage 100%
Adolescent Stage 100%
Adult Stage 21.153846153846%
Elder Stage 0%
Breeding Info
Father xWrathx (Deceased) Mother EHR View Full Heritage
Last Bred 4 days ago Fertility Very Low View All Cubs Bred (3)
Appearance Markings
Base Acacia (Burnt Skin) Slot 2: Shard Feline (52%) Tier 3
Slot 3: Sunrise Feline Unders (41%) Tier 3
Slot 4: Ginger Zebra (11%) Tier 6
Slot 5: Sunrise Vitiligo (15%) Tier 3
Slot 6: Ardor Feline (40%) Tier 3
Slot 10: Onyx Rosette (60%) Tier 4
Genetics Red Dark Solid Rare
Eyes Mint
Mane Type Diabolic
Mane Color Frostbitten
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Abandoned Cemetery

Simple Chain Halter
Faux Leatherwear [Black]
Heavy Metal Wristbands
Amok Horns

Apophis, the Serpent of Chaos
Lifetime Hunting Results
Total Hunts 0 Successful Hunts 0 Success Rate 0%

Nursing Cubs
This lioness is currently nursing the following cubs...
Seraph seemed to be trying to get your attention. As you approached, you see that she had lined up several meerkat carcasses neatly on the ground. She smiles and awaits your praise.
As you walk into her sight, Seraph proudly gets up to strut in front of you, showing off her sleek fur.

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