ᴋɪɴɢ ᴀᴠᴇʀ ɪɪ, the Divine

Lion Stats
12623 / 15840 (79%)
Level 13
Strength 155 Speed 166
Stamina 179 Smarts 183
Agility 173 Skill 98
Total Stats: 954

Lion Currents
Age 14 years old
Energy 100 / 100
Self-Absorbed (Evil)
Breeding Info
Father Kyurem II (Deceased) Mother Divine (Deceased) View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (7)
Appearance Markings
Base Chaos (Tan Skin) Slot 1: White Inverted Brawl (85%)
Slot 2: Arctic Feline Unders (71%)
Slot 3: Silky Shimmer (81%)
Slot 4: Ebony Rugged Back (51%)
Slot 5: Feline 6 Elysian (100%)
Slot 6: Under White 1 (44%)
Slot 7: Ebony Rugged Face (45%)
Slot 8: White Mottled Fissures (76%)
Slot 9: White Tuxedo (58%)
Slot 10: Sunrise Margay (100%)
Slot 11: Cream Low Flow (70%)
Slot 12: Gregarious Brindle (100%)
Slot 13: Immolation Feline (32%)
Slot 14: Brown Tail (86%)
Genetics Red Medium Countershaded Special
Eyes Paradise
Mane Type Diabolic
Mane Color Divine
Mutation Primal
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations

Leather Collar
Tigers Eye
Whispering Glow
Rear Claw Extensions: Silver
Event Scar: Love Bites
Event Scar: Unrequited Love
Celestial Wings [Top]
Leather Garter
Claw Extensions: Silver
Divine Sparkles

Lion Spirit
Celestial Wings [Bottom]
Attacks Defended 9 Explore Steps Taken 5026 NPCs Defeated 279
Lions Sent Away 0 Lions Killed 99
Studding Services
This male lion is offering studding services, for a price of 1 GB OR 350 SB. Lionesses must have a minimum of 15% fertility to breed.

This male lion has 15/15 studding slots left open this week.

* Selecting an item to send with the request will remove the item from your hoard and apply it to the stud if your request is accepted. If your request is removed or denied for any reason the item will be returned to you. Multiple items can be sent at the same time providing they do not cancel each other out in their effects.

* Breeding to a mutated stud does not affect your chances of conceiving a mutated cub unless the stud is a variation of piebald or primal.
Kinged 8/25
Stats when kinged - 464
Evil eyes obtained 8/31



Endeavor, a young primal male, was sitting near the edge of the dense forest. His eyes gazed into the endless land of trees as something inside him told him to walk into the jungle. A blue spirit appeared next to him that looked like an old male lion. The spirit moved to his shoulder as his ears perked forward, "What are you doing, Endeavor?"
Endeavor jumped slightly as his fur rose down his spine and he made eye contact with the spirit. He sighed and closed his eyes, then faced back to the jungle. "There's something in there..."
The spirit hums and waves his tail as he walks behind Endeavor. Endeavor rises to his paws and he looks over to the Spirit, "I think there's a kingdom in there, Aganju. The kingdom might need me."

"Do you truly think that's a smart idea?" The Spirit named Aganju, looked off into the distance. His aura was unsettling yet calm. Endeavor narrowed his eyes at Aganju, the wind began to blow, and instead of being warm like it usually was, it felt chilly. The male closed his eyes as he had remembered the chaos that had almost ensued days ago. Apophis had almost destroyed everything until a mysterious beast had emerged and destroyed him, sending the snake back to his slumber until he awakens once again.
He suddenly felt his fur burn into his skin as the base of his fur turned red and black like the colors of Apophis. The previous kindness he felt before was now gone as he felt his soul walk away from the path of good and into the path of evil. He opened his eyes and glared into the jungle.

The spirit turned his eyes to the young male and nodded slowly. He walked over and growled as he looked into the jungle, "Then go. Take the kingdom as your own."


Endeavor walked up to the old king and gazed at him, his muscles relaxed as lightning flashed and the sky grew dark. Aver looked up at Endeavor and growled, "My time is up...
Endeavor curled his lip and chuckled, he knew it was time. Aver didn't trust the others despite them being his own kin. Aver had chosen Endeavor to rule the pride. Endeavor moved closer to Aver. Aganju appeared next to Endeavor, his tail moving the dust across the ground.
"What name shall I take?"

Aver raised his head and narrowed his eyes at the other, "You shall take mine. Until the day you die and choose the next king to rule this pride, you will now be addressed as King Aver II."

"King Aver II, eh?" spoke the spirit. He looked at Endeavor as the wind blew harsh against their manes. Endeavor looked at Aganju with an evil glare, "Yes my dear friend..." He glared down at the old king and flexed his muscles, "I am in charge of this pride now."