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Ill-Natured Sordid

Lion Stats
1762 / 8910 (19%)
Level 10
Strength 51 Speed 37
Stamina 31 Smarts 16
Agility 29 Skill 10
Total Stats: 174

Lion Currents
Age 3 years, 1 month old
Energy 100 / 100
Hyperactive (Snarky)
Breeding Info
Father Unknown Mother Unknown View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (5)
Appearance Markings
Base Blood Moon (Dark Brown Skin) Slot 1: Under Golden 3 (46%) Tier 0
Slot 2: Under Silky 4 (93%) Tier 0
Slot 3: Under Golden 4 (32%) Tier 0
Slot 4: Demonic Feralis (100%) Tier 3
Slot 5: Shard Glaze (100%) Tier 3
Slot 6: Shard Shimmer (100%) Tier 3
Genetics Red Dark Solid Special
Eyes Yellow
Mane Type Thick
Mane Color Styx
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Abandoned Cemetery

Darwin's Bark Spider
Common Raven [1]
Black Wings
Eager Cub [Onyx]
Withered Crown - Coral
Attacks Defended 0 Explore Steps Taken 1942 NPCs Defeated 225
Lions Sent Away 0 Lions Killed 1
Videl Wrath simply translates to the "Wrath of Life." This kingly lion, standing tall before you, embodies his namesake.

Like many males, he was forced to leave his pride as an adolescent. Wandering alone, he came upon an abandoned clearing. As he inspected it further, he recognized its ghost-like state. Shredded dens nestled between trees and fringed bushes. Bones were scattered across the earth, in a hyperactive schism. Tragedy lurked beneath the land; veins to a pulmonary beat. No aura glowed here. It was the slumbering, dormant, ever-living heart of death. And Videl called it home.

Every dawn, he honored the ancestral skeletons, cleared the air of furtive miasmas, leading his clan with an unseen confidence. Being of traditional origins, Wrath The I strives to grant the gift of propriety unto up-and-coming broodmothers, hunters, and sub-males. He expects a degree of properness, order, respect, familial kindness, and strength within his circle.

Lionesses are expected to adhere to his policies. Broodmothers are encouraged to participate in Breeding Projects to ensure the prosperity of the pride. In addition, lions with certain mutations and special/rare bases please the onlooking gods. If a cub like this is born, it is considered a blessing, and sumptuous benefits will fall upon Videl's congregation as a result.

Though Wrath I considers himself akin to the lionesses, he imposes a degree of superiority, even among his close family. Being the crusader to preserve orthodox living, he has a luxurious purpose to fulfill, one that will hopefully land him a reservation in the Golden Grasslands.

Pastures aren't always green for the obstinate male. Dangers lurk among the territory. Hostile towards outsiders, Videl frenzies himself into battle before negotiation. If the lion perceives a possible benefit, drastic measures will be taken to procure such a prize.

-Be kind to your pridemates, treat them with respect and regard them as celestial beings.
-Engage in breeding projects, whether it be for appearance, mutations, or to preserve strength.
-Cubs cannot be abandoned until they are adolescents. They can, however, be transferred to a pride in need.
-Adolescents may only be chased once they've received enough training to survive on their own.
-If an adolescent forms a Rival Pride, they will be attacked and killed on site.
-When dealing with large Rival Prides first offer a bribe. If they do not wish to abide by the law of trade, a brutal onslaught is in order.
-No brutal or impairing violence may be directed towards your fellow pridemates.
- Murder calls for an equal Act of Revenge.
-Abstaining from the orthodox may result in punishment.
-Betrayal; either from joining Rival Prides, mocking tradition, or killing others, will result in death.
-No lionesses with the same base coat shall reside in the pride, unless that pelt is Special.
-When breeding, both lions must be clean and unrelated.
-Lions can only be obtained from the Giving Tree or Explore. This pride values pure blood.

-Have a full-hunting party {x}
-Reach 500 stat points {x}
-Have a lionesses reach 500 stat points {x}
-Breed a Rare Base {x}
-Breed a Special Base {x}
-Have 1,000+ stats {x}
-Breed mutations {x}

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