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Divine Anisoptera

Lion Stats
2237 / 8910 (25%)
Level 10
Strength 38 Speed 59
Stamina 57 Smarts 73
Agility 59 Skill 22
Total Stats: 308
Lion Currents
Age 7 years, 11 months old
Energy 100 / 100
Extremely Impressive
Fatherly (Kind)

Adult Stage
Newborn Stage 100%
Young Cub Stage 100%
Cub Stage 100%
Adolescent Stage 100%
Adult Stage 45.512820512821%
Elder Stage 0%
Appearance Markings
Base Phantom (Fallow Skin) Slot 1: Lycaon Scarce Noctis (47%) Tier 3
Slot 2: Cloudburst Brindle (100%) Tier 3
Slot 3: White Inverted Squabble (40%) Tier 3
Slot 10: Blue Poinsettia Snuggle (50%) Tier 3

This lion has 4 markings hidden on the following slots:
11, 12, 13, 15
Genetics Black Light Solid Special
Eyes White
Mane Type Normal
Mane Color Cloudburst
Mutation Piebald (Clouded)
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Snow-Covered Hut

Event Scar: Face Swipe
Expression: Fear
Shiny Rock Left Earring Piercing [White]
Stitched Mouth
Rear Claw Extensions [Silver]
Claw Extensions [Silver]
Silver SwordCustom Decor
Albino Feline Wings [Top]
Frosted Whiskers
Snow Storm
Scared Leopard Cub
Orphaned Zebra Duiker Calf
Orphaned Serval Kitten

Albino Feline Wings [Bottom]
Attacks Defended 0 Explore Steps Taken 9831 NPCs Defeated 91
Lions Sent Away 1 Lions Killed 0
Studding Services
This male lion is offering studding services, for a price of 1 GB OR 125 SB. Lionesses must have a minimum of 0% fertility to breed.

This male lion has 15/15 studding slots left open this week.

* Selecting an item to send with the request will remove the item from your hoard and apply it to the stud if your request is accepted. If your request is removed or denied for any reason the item will be returned to you. Multiple items can be sent at the same time providing they do not cancel each other out in their effects.

* Breeding to a mutated stud does not affect your chances of conceiving a mutated cub unless the stud is a variation of piebald or primal.
Anisoptera's name is the scientific name for a dragonfly

Don't be afraid of him, he's just a big teddy bear!
Albino Feline Wings- Gotten
Frosted Whiskers- Gotten
Snow-covered rocks- Need
Silver Sword- Gotten

One of Anisoptera's first memories is the face of his mother, then the sneering face of a black lion. As he started to grow older, he was a bright cub, always full of questions about the world! One day though, his voice was silenced, as the black lion, Loki, had enough of his chatter. With a blunt needle, he roughly stitched Anisoptera's mouth shut. All he knew for weeks after that was pain. All he could do was mutter now, and even that was painful. He was broken and humiliated. But not long after, he started to store up resentment towards Loki. He hated Loki for what he had done. Finally, he got up enough nerve to challenge him for the position as King. Loki chuckled at the though of this scrawny weakling defeating him. "We will fight on one condition," Loki sneered. "If you lose, I will kill you." Anisoptera nodded, and sprang forward. A glorious battle soon began, and it is still spoken about to this day. How Anisoptera got his scar by facing the evil King, and how he defeated him, but chose to spare his life. He now rules as a kind and gentle king, welcoming to all who pass through his territory. His voice will never be silenced again.

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