Sinister ☠️ЯΛPƬЦЯΣ☠️

Lion Stats
1061 / 2750 (38%)
Level 6
Strength 296 Speed 305
Stamina 346 Smarts 280
Agility 274 Skill 124
Total Stats: 1625
Lion Currents
Age 8 years old
Energy 100 / 100
Slightly Impressive
Fatherly (Kind)

Adult Stage
Newborn Stage 100%
Young Cub Stage 100%
Cub Stage 100%
Adolescent Stage 100%
Adult Stage 46.153846153846%
Elder Stage 0%
Appearance Markings
Base Outlaw (Ruffian Skin) Slot 3: Bandit Cloud (41%) Tier 3
Slot 4: Scoundrel Undersides (89%) Tier 3
Slot 5: Noctis Flow (71%) Tier 1
Slot 6: Copal Zebra (14%) Tier 6
Slot 7: Noctis Grunge (57%) Tier 3
Slot 8: Noctis Cheetah Soft (40%) Tier 1
Slot 9: Outlaw Rogue (58%) Tier 3
Slot 10: Ruffian Panther (22%) Tier 3
Slot 11: White Foreshadow (59%) Tier 3
Slot 12: Inverted Heavy Rosette Cream (49%) Tier 4
Slot 13: Under Cream 5 (27%) Tier 0
Slot 14: Noctis Sable (22%) Tier 1
Genetics Cream Dark Countershaded Special
Eyes Tyrian
Mane Type Katanga
Mane Color Copal
Mutation Primal (Smilus)
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Apocalyptic Sandstorm
Attacks Defended 0 Explore Steps Taken 1071 NPCs Defeated 62
Lions Sent Away 0 Lions Killed 1
Studding Services
This male lion is offering studding services, for a price of 1 GB OR 700 SB. Lionesses must have a minimum of 1% fertility to breed.

This male lion has 15/15 studding slots left open this week.

* Selecting an item to send with the request will remove the item from your hoard and apply it to the stud if your request is accepted. If your request is removed or denied for any reason the item will be returned to you. Multiple items can be sent at the same time providing they do not cancel each other out in their effects.

* Breeding to a mutated stud does not affect your chances of conceiving a mutated cub unless the stud is a variation of piebald or primal.
*This is a moment of your lion meeting rapture for the first time*
*Raptures voice sounds like Kratos from God of War 4*
*Your lion enters into a stony clearing revealing a cave with dead bushes surrounding the entrance*
*Your lion accidentally steps on a stick and your fur stands on end*
"Who dares enter my territory unannounced?" A deep booming voice echoes from the cave. *You hear loud heavy foot steps echoing from the cave causing you to bare your teeth at your supposed enemy*
"Don't flatter aren't worth the energy to be wasted on..." a gruff voice you see a large build emerge from the dark cave. Rapture towers over you. *You've never seen a lion that looks like this before.* *Rapture looks almost like a beast of this what a legendary smilus looks like?* Your excitement is immediately interrupted. "What..brings you to my domain" rapture find yourself at a lost for words. Before you can muster up the words...a awful yet familiar smell fills the air...lion blood. The smell is so powerful it almost knocks you over...its coming from rapture. *Your nose curls in disgust* "Don't make me repeat myself" he growls. *Causing your fur to stand on end once more snapping back fo reality* Rapture rolls his eyes..." I'll let you go...I've thought you come to challenge me" "But I see you have come here by I will let you go" he grins wickedly. "But be known you are luckier than your kin before you.." Rapture laughs pointing to the abundance of lions skulls behind the dead bushes. "Now leave" he commands. *You instantly bolt out of the clearing and into the plains..your heart racing and pounding like mad.* *You reach your pride and regale your near brush with death, but no one believes you.* "Hmm..what a shame...that lion seemed interesting" Rapture smiles to himself while munching on lion meat.

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