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Lute, the King of the Jungle

Lion Stats
46755 / 194040 (24%)
Level 43
Strength 594 Speed 570
Stamina 589 Smarts 733
Agility 639 Skill 90
Total Stats: 3215

Lion Currents
Age 8 years, 10 months old
Energy 100 / 100
Stoic (Neutral)
Breeding Info
Father Unknown Mother Unknown View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (0)
Appearance Markings
Base Korat (Butterfly Skin) Slot 1: Cimmerian Brindle (100%) Tier 1
Slot 2: Aufeis Coat (100%) Tier 3
Slot 3: Blood Moon Mirage (100%) Tier 3
Slot 4: Darken Cimmerian (95%) Tier 1
Slot 5: Frostbitten Inverted Quagga (100%) Tier 3
Slot 6: Quartz Cockled Unders (100%) Tier 1
Slot 7: Quartz Facial 1 (100%) Tier 1
Slot 8: Leg Banding Cimmerian (95%) Tier 1
Slot 9: Tail Banding Cimmerian (95%) Tier 1
Slot 10: Quartz Ringed (40%) Tier 1
Slot 11: Blue Ticked (35%) Tier 1
Slot 12: White Low Flow (25%) Tier 1
Genetics Black Dark Countershaded Uncommon
Eyes Brown
Mane Type Barbary
Mane Color Rhodonite
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Snowy Mountain Top

Lab Test Frog
Event Scar: Love Bites
Scar: Long Right Eye
Scar: White Eye Right
Claw Extensions [Dark]
Faux Barbary Mane [White]
Top-Down Lighting [white]Custom Decor
Tail Fur Extensions [Forsaken]
Scar: Hind Leg Left
Rump Fluff Extensions [Salt & Pepper]
Glorious Mane [Forsaken Shade]
Ear Tufts [White]
Cold Breath
Event Scar: Ripped Lip
Expression: Panting [White Chin]
Snow Flurries

Celestials: Southern Cross - Tree
Attacks Defended 11 Explore Steps Taken 39398 NPCs Defeated 5661
Lions Sent Away 374 Lions Killed 0
(Psst - art at bottom!)

- Theme: Susumu Hirasawa - Niwashi King

- A musical fellow and constant hummer. Rude but undeniably witty with infectious energy!

- Hates Seth at first then develops a crush? Hoo boy. It is what is, aka the secret shame of the pride. Is not really mean (okay, he is a little...) but cranky because of these very icky feelings for a...dog-human-thing. One of his shrewder lionesses knows, and snaps him out of it. But every June he tends to get a bit of a karma hit...

- Sphinx familiar is like a terrible combination of Bloodborne's Contrary Man and that drunk skeleton from The Last Unicorn... He keeps her around to toughen him up. No matter the odds, he's not giving up or going in blind for that matter. She also embodies the Canciones's peculiar belief in overlapping, human-lion reincarnation...

- Gently turned down Ailbhe's offer to heal his scars, but accepted it for the rest of the pride.

- Over time and repeated loss, Lute has evolved a healthfully stoic personality while still retaining a playful spirit.

- His cubs almost always inherit the gift of gab, whether it's nasty or honeyed. Either way, they know how to command a room...er, cavern?


A very typical, but still magnificent look.


- #6 Highest Level (42), #8 NPCs Defeated (5281) - 09-02-23, first leaderboard appearance!


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