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Lion Stats
750 / 2750 (27%)
Level 6
Strength 76 Speed 65
Stamina 58 Smarts 56
Agility 49 Skill 15
Total Stats: 319

Lion Currents
Age 10 years, 6 months old
Energy 100 / 100
Hyperactive (Snarky)
Breeding Info
Father Arcturin (Deceased) Mother W.) [B] Colace (Deceased) View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (11)
Appearance Markings
Base Sorrel (Pink Skin) Slot 1: Leg Spotting Fading Onyx (43%)
Slot 2: Onyx Lace (48%)
Slot 6: Heather Face (27%)
Slot 7: Under White 4 (44%)
Slot 8: Feline 7 Ebony (43%)
Slot 10: Quartz Ticked (17%)
Genetics Red Light Countershaded Common
Eyes Blue
Mane Type Diabolic
Mane Color Onyx
Mutation Primal
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Tefnut's Memory

Attacks Defended 6 Explore Steps Taken 1191 NPCs Defeated 83
Lions Sent Away 3 Lions Killed 3
DoB: Jan.9, 2018
B. Stats: 181
Nickname: T. Freddy/Teddy
5 Moon SB: 48%
11 moon SB/Skills: 85%/ 8 pts.
<b>Cub Lessons</b>
- Stalk: 0 pts.
CT1.)Mp/Blue/6m/Sorrel was too twitchy to hold still, and thus all attempts at sneaking were completely botched today.
- Chase: 4 pts.
NYOOOOOM!! xCT1.)Mp/Blue/6m/Sorrel easily left all of his classmates behind in the dust in a race. There he went. Bye.
- Pounce: 0 pts.
CT1.)Mp/Blue/6m/Sorrel pounced a little too hard and managed to land right on your paw, digging their claws directly into your toes. Ouch! Their training sadly failed. (You got a Scar: Anklebiter).
- Climb: 4pts.
xCT1.)Mp/Blue/6m/Sorrel scrambled clumsily up the wall, but it worked out pretty well in the end. He managed it!
- Wrestle: 7 pts.
CT1.)Mp/Blue/6m/Sorrel practically bowled his opponent over with pure energy and gusto. Wow.
*- Stalk: 7 pts.
After an hour of running around, CT1.)Mp/Blue/6m/Sorrel managed to pull it together enough to get in some good sneaking! Nicely done!
Total: 22 pts.
<b>Teen Training</b>
Stats: 190
TB: 90%
11 moon stats/Skills: 246/ 13

<b>~~~ Stat Boost ~~~</b>
+13 STR
+13 SPD
+13 SMR
+12 STM

Commander Teddy is pacing back and forth. You suggest he ought to go practice his climbing, and he gleefully leaves to go do just that. Thank Apedemak, the pacing was driving you mad.
Commander Teddy [IB] is pacing back and forth. You suggest he ought to go practice his climbing, and he gleefully leaves to go do just that. Thank Apedemak, the pacing was driving you mad.
April 15th, 2018

<i>The large primal woke up eaarly as he always did and looked over, past the tribe lands...He yearned for somehing but what he wasn't sure...Maybe a change of pace, something new.
He was the Tribe's current Baron and tribe born but he wasn't as focused on them like he should and what of memories he held?
He felt another being, like he shared a same body with someone who lived long ago. He recalls blacking out for a time or he seems 'different' an once he regains control, he wasn't sure what has happened.

The voice inside his head has been guiding him and he speaks back to it with his own mind, he knows alot than he should being so young. His attention was grabbed by Keanu, the tribe's Carrier. She has stretching and gettin herself ready so he went over to her.</i>

"Morning miss Keanu, What ye doin up so early?"

"Hm? Oh g' mornin' my lord. I'm gettin ready te make a supply run. RW is very interesting and i wan te go back and see hem again so i'm geting supplies so i can go. Already asked Madam Shirana with supplies we have and BloodDapple has volunteered te help as well. Wha of ye m' lord?"

"Hm...I always wake up early. I enjoy he rising sun and the wonderful colors it makes before the day gives way o the lovely sky of blue we get. I also hink about...hings. Mind if i go with ye? I feel like meeting our allies esp fer our Jarl Aten. He's been too busy and i hink it was best te tel of Crowfeather's fall as well as anyhin they wish te kno'. I shall speak to m'lady Ciel and see what se says tho'."

<i>The Lioness before him nodded and she went on her way and he went to see what he could do while waiting for Ciel and the rest of the tribe to wake up.</i>
<b>~~~ Later that day ~~~</b>

<i>He, Keanu, BloodDapple and Shirana had worked together all day. He did go out and get a new male since he did realize that he was the only adult male left to teach the younger male cubs who survived to their 1st yr. This male was a clean lined boy and was heir to his previous leader. He was happy to join and help out and as he was explaining on he way back;.</i>

"It's been tribe law that he Baron, second in command, takes over after the Jarl steps down. Since yer te be the new Baron ye will be next in line fer Jarl. Male cubs rarely make it te adulthood so ew often had to resort te getting a new male not of the tribe. Let me introduce ye te everyone."

<i>Everyone was still and quiet as he introduced them to the new Baron. Teddy knew he was ment to leave the tribe. He jus didn't feel...right anymore. Was he jumping the log? Perhapes bu the voice within him told him to.
Ciel and Aten were't happy but they understood his reasons and besides, they could make sure that RW was in good paws. He just felt he should go so once everyhing was ready. He and Keanu left, BloodDapple went as well as an escort since she went earlier to check things out.</i>