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2023 goals :

[] Breed a Leopon
[] King an heir with 3000+ stats
[✓] Score 100+ on Reptile Round up - 19/12/22
[] Work on the prides story

Long term goals :

[] King a Raffle Lioness Clone
[] Save over 300gb
- Current 100gb

The Marsh Pride

A Pride who has chosen to call the Marshlands their home, they excel in water hunting techniques; the most experienced lionesses can bring down hippos with practised ease and all cubs are taught from an early age how to swim and hunt in the life giving waters.
The Pride lives in dens weaved out of the reeds that the earth provides, it is the job of the Broodmother's to upkeep these dens, the more spiritual of which weave herbs to promote healing and blessings.

The Pride was first formed when Abiolah moved his remaining lioness after their old home had been overrun with hyenas who'd massacred his cubs, the future looked bleak but the marsh they'd found provided for them and eventually the lions had adapted to the new way of living.
Abiolah never got a chance to sire an heir, in truth he hated their new home and way of living he had no desire for his sons to reside here, he longed for the warm savannah sun and the sand under his paws.
One day he left for his patrol and never returned....

The Merciful and kind Allemayehu had been found by a hectic search party during a walk and was surprised when no male lion had come to fight him away. Sitting down and speaking to the lionesses; they told him of their predicament, how frightened they were without a king to protect them and the cubs, how they were picking up scents of hyenas nearby.
He vowed to them there and then, if they'd welcome him, he'd lead them with his entire heart.

Since that day. Allemayehu has brought joy and peace to every Marsh Pride lion's life. His heart is big and full of compassion for his lionesses, he provides for all of them as a strong protector keeping back any male lions who'd harm them and take his throne, he also joins them on their hunts and unlike tradition is last to eat. No lion in his Pride has ever gone hungry.
Allemayehu always forgives when his lionesses take on another king as their mate, he welcomes their cubs with open paws and raises them as if they were his own.
The Marsh Pride has flourished under his rule, the pride is a loving unit who stand together no matter what trouble brews.
His muzzle grows greyer by the day, and his lionesses wept, for they all know that one day soon his Whisper will join the stars and Allemayehu will no longer be at their side. He always tries to soothe their sadness with a snuggle and a promise that he'll always be watching over them....

The Ranks of The Marsh Pride where founded by him and the Pride.


The hunting party left not long after the sun had set; Allemayehu had chosen to sit this one out feeling exhausted from patrolling his pride's borders. He was laying down his head resting on greying paws as he watched Adansonia playing with the cubs; Asterea was hunched over a poultice she was working on her brows furrowed in concentration, the other lionesses were resting or grooming each other peacefully.

His eyes felt as heavy and weary as his body, maybe he could have a nap and wake up when the huntresses returned, then with a full belly he'd play with the cubs before curling up with his beloved family to sleep until the next day...

A loud roar pierced the silence.

Nimbus dashed across the clearing, scooping a cub up to help Adansonia lead the rest into the safety of the nursery.
The other lioness stood still, the only movement they made was to look at their King who now stood on shaky legs.

The elderly lion watched as the reeds leading into their home rustled, the scent of a young male lion coming from them...
He ordered his lionesses to retreat...
He knew he would not survive the night...
His eyes scanned the now empty clearing, he desperately wished he could see his pride again.. just one last time... to say goodbye at the very least...

The fight was over before it started... everything for the Merciful king went dark...

Uroekja now rules over the Marsh Pride, the contrast bettween his and Allemayehu's rule has shaken the pride to their core, most of them think they'll never be able to come to terms however they are too afraid to leave for they'd risk the wrath of their new Monarch.

His reign was baptised in blood for he'd slaughetered Allemayhu and all the young cubs in the nursery, he'd also taken the lives of two Lionesses, Wren and River, when they'd tried to protect their old king. Zarah was also heavily wounded when she tried in vain to protect the cubs, she's now blind and half deaf due to her injuries though she continues her work as a Broodmother.

Twilight Star soon felt his wrath when she'd announced she was expecting cubs from another King, she clawed her face open, in her anger she cursed the new King in Secret using her potions on the prey he'd taken... he would never know the reason why he'll never sire any cubs.

Kings of the Past

Abiolah was the very first king I ever had, 03/07/17 to 30/06/18
Allemayehu was kinged on 30/06/18 and retired on 07/12/22
Uroekja was kinged on 07/12/22

The Marsh Pride Ranks

The Monarch

The ones who rule over the entire Pride, there is no rule on what gender may ascend the throne.
They keep the Pride safe with daily patrols around the territory borders, working closely with the Scouts and The Hunt Chief to keep things running as smoothly as possible.
The Monarch regards the voice of the Priestess above even their own, they are wise to heed their warnings and prophecies.
Notable Monarchs : Allemayehu

The bright future of the Pride; The Prince and Princess

A cub paw chosen by the current Monarch to one day rule over the Marsh Pride, they must be the Monarch's son or daughter so their royal blood forever binds the close family knit Pride. Before gaining their title they must stand a judgment of the Priestess who will enter a trance to speak to the great spirits and seek their council.
There has never been a cub chosen to be a Prince or Priestess, the spirits rejected every one...

The free spirit of the Pride; the Scout

Scouts are young lions who patrol the Pride's territory, they work alongside the King to protect their land. Though they are usually male lions, any gender is welcomed to become a scout.
They also report any migrations and herds to the Hunt chief and usually work alongside them to work out hunting strategies.
The Scouts may wish to join a hunt or two during the day, but only after their daily patrols are finished.
Notable Scouts : Tempskya

The ever wise; the Priestess

A lion who has sacrificed the normal life of a Hunter or Scout, upon reaching 1 year of age they leave the Pride to travel with the Shamans, learning their ways of communicating with spirits and mastering the art of healing.
There is no set time for their return. Astrea returned after only a year of travelling for she missed her home dearly, she continued her studies by unknown means.
The time spent travelling is very sacred to the Priestess, for it is a time of learning sacrifice and humility, a time away from the safety that a Pride gives, a time to communicate to all who give their time, a time to learn about the many different lives and areas of their world.
The rank was set up first by Astraea making her the Marsh Pride's first Priestess, and therefore no real laws are set in stone. Yet.

The strength of the Pride; the Hunters and Hunt Chief

The Hunt Chief is an exceptionally skilled Hunter, usually older and with a lifetime of experience, they are the one who schedule all the hunts and work with the Scouts to keep track of migrating herds.
All lionesses and lions are trained in the ways of hunting and are expected to hunt throughout the day. They listen to the Hunt Chief and follow their instructions closely.
From 5 months old all cubs are taken to the shallowest waters of the marsh to be given swimming lessons, when they prove to be capable of swimming they are trained until they reach two years of age before taking an exam where they must assist in their first hunt.
Whether they are successful in hunting their first prey or not, the newly named Hunters return to the pride, where a banquet of freshly caught prey will greet them alongside every pride member. This is to teach them that no matter what happens, they pride will be there.
You will never starve. You will never be alone. You will always matter.
All skill levels and experience are welcomed here, for each member has something to contribute.
Notable Hunt Chiefs : Twilight Star
Notable Hunters : Hellebore , Snowdrop

The heart of the Pride; the Broodmothers

Held in the highest regard, for they have given up the life of a Hunter to watch over the Pride's young. They alongside the cubs eat first as well as having the safest warmest den.
Broodmother's stay within the Pride's camp to watch over the cubs and perform any upkeep, like keeping the dens clean, tidying after meals, weaving herbs in the dens walls. They also assist the Priestess and help look after the injured and ill.
Adolescents wishing to become a Broodmother are trained for a year before being tested by all serving Broodmothers.
Notable Broodmothers : Imka , Andansonia ,

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Male Slots: 1 / 2 Subordinate Males: *PATROL THIS DUMB IDIOT
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
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