🌒Moondrop🌘's Den

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HollyBerry (#246143)

Their commission thread: here


Monster + Yandere fan


My side account is Fazbear Pride#138983
If my DMs are full here, please send them to side acc!
Also if I got a lion from your auction/clan raffle and you don't see them here, don't worry. They're just on my side account xD
Always happy to make new friends and chat, so don't be afraid to approach ^^

Link to my clan--> 🔥Hazbin Hotel🔥
Link to my other clan--> [WIP]

Link to my Adverts Thread where I post all active raffles, sales, etc


🌒Moondrop🌘, the Deathlord of the Jungle
Level: 22 Branch: Wild Wares: Dealer's Den
Stats: 1867 Territory: 231
Lionesses: 134 Beetle Slots: 38 / 40
Cubs: 190 / 1155 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 3 / 9 Subordinate Males: Ethereal (6M PeachE IceM)
ICE 10BO SSR 9M PreonE OrchidM
Frozen Slots: 3 / 3 Cave Slots: 7 / 7
There are 52 lions with mutations in 🌒Moondrop🌘's pride.

🌒Moondrop🌘's Player
Member ID #127341
Jewel Wildmoon
Joined: 2017-10-06 10:51:25 Last Active: 2024-04-14 2:23:09

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played by 🌪Adeptus Yiao🌪
Level 11 - 60 lionesses - 15 cubs
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played by viiruox
Level 9 - 17 lionesses - 45 cubs
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played by morgan [she/they]
Level 11 - 12 lionesses - 3 cubs
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played by Reyna
Level 5 - 5 lionesses - 3 cubs
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The Morning Star
played by Virgil
Level 7 - 15 lionesses - 11 cubs
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starfall the altstar
played by habitoverdrive|he/it/woof/rawr
Level 4 - 18 lionesses - 20 cubs
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🌒Moondrop🌘's Clan Memberships

!A! Breed Only Traits

!A! The Royal Court (RLCs)

!CRB challange!

!Muties Unite!

!Pies, rosettes, and muties!

!Role-playing Pals!

( Nom Nom Lions)

*. Cool 4 Cats .*

*...Breed-Only Beauties...*

*Kripke's Weekly Raffles*

*The Saviors*


*~Tricks Of Tigons~*

+ Free food for all +

+ Lioden United +

+ Spooks N' Treats +

+Mossy Drops!+

--__Pawsomely pretty__--

-Felines Hoard-

.+ Food Pantry +.

.-Red Roaring Redemption-.

.: Potato Paws :.

.: The Grand Cathedral :.

.:Piebald Parade:.


.^Frosty Promises^.

4-Leaf Clover Bases

:|Sky Pride|:

A Better Giving Tree

A House for Mutations

A Mutie 4 u

A Newbie's Starterpack

A Patterned Beauty

A Swarm of Jellies

A Vittle Love

Adopt a lion!

Adopt a Newbie

Adopts Den


Aesthetic Alliance


All About Events!!

All about muts

All Free Food and Toys!

All The Shenanigans

Alphabet Mafia

Always Faithful

Amazing Auctioneers!

Amino Alliance

Amino&Artists Association

Amuse Lioden

Amusement Bank

Ancient Paleontology

Angel's clan

Angelic Archive

Anomalous Felines

Anything and everyone

App Appreciation

Applicator Collectors

Applicator Giveaways!

Apps For LD!

AroAce Alliance!


Artist hoard

Artist’s Den

Artistic Palace

Artists Corner

Artists United🌟🎨


Atlas's Adopt Shop

Autistic Lions

Avid for Applicators


Azura Blossoms

「𝓢𝟐𝓓」B A Z A A R

• Cult of Lioden •

• Mut raffles! •

•●Ecstatic 4 Events●•

•✧The Grotto✧•

•°.•Decor Galore•.°•

•°○ Sakura ○°•

•Traveling Muties•

※Random Acts of Kindness※



☆ Star Gon Project ☆

♛ The Kingdom ♛

♡ Lioden Daycare ♡

♡ Muskequeers ♡

♡ The therians of lioden!

♡Bi Beauty♡

♥ Golden Beetle Galore ♥


⛔Grell's Giveaways⛔

✦ ..... Raffle Forum .....

✦ Gamers of Lioden ✦

✦ Special Bases ✦

✦Event Applicator Collectors

✧|Raffle Muts|✧

✨🌒 Bewitched 🌘✨

✨️ Dwarfies Project ✨️

✨️Help for Newbies✨️

✨️Only Specials✨️

✨Muties n' Paws! ✨

✨Precious Pinks🌸

✨Pride Rock Haven✨

✨The Pumpkin Patch✨

✨Warehouse of various things


✰Breeding Project Hub✰

✾ Friendly Foods ✾

❂ Kalahari Sands

❌🎁shit on lioden🎁❌

❤️Adoption den❤️

❤️☁️ Helping Lions ☁


·°•Noobies love muties•

»Muties for Newbies«

༓☾The Fandom Clan☽༓

Barter Den

Bases and More Galore

Beauteous Blues

Beauties For All

Beautiful Bases

Beauty of Dawn

Beetle Battlers

Beetle HQ

Beetles and bugs galore!

Beetles, Breeding & Battling


Beyond Lioden

Biblically Accurate Colorbombs

Big Cat Rp Clan

Birds of a Feather

Blessed Cubs

Blessings from Myth

bob tail fans

Booby's Art Cove

Branch Buster

Bread Cult

Breed Colorbombs and Rosettes

Breeding Failure Support Clan

Breeding Frenzy

Breeding Item & Mut giveaways

Breeding lions

Breeding Muties Clan

Briar Bomb Breeders

Bucket of Eager Cubs

Buffet n toys

Building Better Naturals

Bungo Stray Dogs

Burning Embers

Butterfliger Haven

Buttons for eyes


Cafe of Lioden


Care Center and More!!!

Catch Me If You Can

Catching Clouds

Cave of Wonders

Celestial Exchange

chaotic giveaways!

Chased Beauties

Chased Graced

Chasing Perfection

Cheap Raffles

Children of the Stars


Chromatic Colorbombs

Cimmerian fanclub!

Cimmerian Infestation

Cimmerian Simps

clan of food and lions!

Clean • Stats • Muties

Clean Combo Kids

Clean Kitties

Clean Line Felines

Clean quality lions!

Clefties ❤️

Click for Free Stuff!

Clone dome

Club cub

Coffee Beanz’s Mutie Spree!!

Cold's Commodities

Collective Hybrid Project

Color bomb clan

Color Me Impressed

Colorbomb Allergic Community

Colorbomb Connoisseurs

Colorbomb crazy

Colorbomb Heaven

Colorbombs of the Cosmos


Colorful Mutie Club

Colourful conversions

Combo Base Breeders

Combo Cats

Combo Fans

Common Collectors

Community Care Center

Community Giving

Confused Gender

Cosmo & Wanda

Cotton Candy Lions

Coven Of Blessings

Cozy Den ~ Second chances.

CPS: Cub Protective Services

Craft lions

Crafters Paradise

Crafting Clan!

Crafting Critters

CraiT's Rosettes

Crazy cat cult

Crazy colourbombs

Crazy Markings

Crazy over muties

CRB Mayhem!

CRB slander ♥

Creation Station

Creativity Cavern

Crimson Flames

Crunchy Worm Consumers

Crystal’s Gifts

CSS Sanctuary


Cult Of The Cheese

Cult of the Combos

Custom Crazy

Custom Decor Confederation

Cutie pies! ✨

Cuties because of muties

Daily Dose of Raffles!

Dark Crusaders

Dark Wolves Clan


Dawn Of The First Gens

daze's art beans

Dazzling Dawns 🌺


Decor buddies

Decor collectors!

Decor Dump

Decor Lovers


Decorate Lioden

Decoration Clan

Decorators of Lioden

Dedication to the Dedicated

Delightful Designs

Demonic breeders

Dəcor Galøre

Die Hard Statters!

Dino's Hybrid Breeding Project

Dirty Paws Sanctuary

Discord of Lioden

Discorden | Lioden & Wolvden

Disney Forest Friends

Divine Angels

Dodgy Dragon Raffles

Dogs, dogs and more dogs!

Donation Den!

Dorsal Den

Dorsal Devotion

Drac's Decor Ping

DrearyLily’s Grove of Goods

Drunk Junkies

Dwarf Heaven

Dwarf Land

Dwarf Lovers Unite!

Dwarf/mutie stars


𝕄𝕦𝕥𝕚𝕖 ℙ𝕣

𝕎ℂ 𝕃𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕣$


𝙏𝙝𝙚 hoarders


🌃 Beans City 🌃

🌈Color Chaos🌈

🌕Roleplayers of Lioden🌑

🌸Here to Help!🌸

🌹Ferus's Lovers 🐾

🌿 mossy moggies !

🌿Applicator Lovers🌿

🍗 Feed Lioden 🍗


🎨Applicator Addicts🎨

🐅Bungou Stray Dogs Fangroup

🐞 Battle Beetles Club 🐞

🐾Clean Mutie Corner! 🐾

👑Kings and Queens👑

👑Royal RLC Palace👑

👼🏻 angel's art clan

💀The Skeletal Vault🗝️

💎 Rampant Rosettes 💎

💎Food 'n Feathers!💎


💜Perfectly Purple💜

💫 Gifts of the Zodiacs 💫

💫 Sun kingdom 🌊

💫Decorative Beetles💫

💫The Mutie Oasis💫

💰Goodie Bag 💰

🔥Hazbin Hotel🔥


🗡Yearn For Agony🗡

🦁Cloning Characters🎨

🦐 The Shrimp Party 🦐

🧼Clean Breeders Inc.🦇

🩷Artists of Lioden🩷

🪶Primal love+🪶

Ebony Addicts

Enclave Enthusiasts

Endless River

Entering Elysium

Event Enthusiasts

Event Lovers

Event/giving tree traffles

Everything Vitiligo

Explorers of lioden

ʀᴏʏᴀʟ ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛ

꧁Little Lions of Lioden꧂


Fashion Fanatics

Fashion Felines

Fat mouse cult

FelixVulpes' Artivity

Feral fate

Ferus n' Pies

Ferus Passion

Field of Roses

Fire Emblem Fans of Lioden

First Gen Party

Flamboyant Boys


Flamingos and lions

Flood Folks

Food and Toys For All!!

food,toys, and more

For the Love of Albinos

For the love of Charred

Forgotten Memories or Feelings


Friends & Dens

Friends of Folklore

Friends Of Lioden Revival

from me to you



Funding Projects!

Furry Fandom

Furry House

Galiant Gothics

Garbage Pile (Free Hoard)

Gaymers of Lioden

GB 4 Lioden!

Genshin Impact

Genshin Simpact

Get A Chance To Win Something

Get Down Dirty

Get your first mutie here

Gift the person above you

Gift Wars

Gilded Pridelands

Ginger Ale Appreciators

Give a little get a little

Give and Get!

Giveaway Groupies


Giveaways and More!

Giving back to Lioden!

Giving Graciously

Giving hoarders!

Giving Tree Clean-Up Crew

glorious golds

Golden Chance Center

Golden Hearts

Goldhorn Grove

Gon/Pon Breeding Project!

Good Raffle Appreciators

Goodie Bag Givers~!

Goodie Bag Grab + free items

Gracious ambition

Grandpaws of LD

Green Palace

greg and greglings united


Haliotis Devotees

Haliotis Hoarders

Haliotis Mayhem

Hall of Achievement


Hand clan

Happy Hybrids

Hard to Get

Hazbin Fan Club

Hêår†§ Úñïvêr§ê

Hearteater's Hearth


Heavenly Karma

Heavy BO Lovers


Help a Sprout Out!

Helpies To Newbies

Helping lions in need

Helping Player's New And Old!

Helping prides

Helping the Feeble

Heritageless Pines

Heva's Garden Project

Hidden Ones Bureau of Lioden

Hoard and Raffle Mayhem!

Hoard Ward

Hoards Galore

Holy Hybrids!

Honey & Lemon

honey's art hub

Hopeful For Hybrids

Hot Free Items In Your Area

Hot Pies

How To Train Your Dragon

Hungry, Hungry Lions!

Hunters of the Night

Hybrid and Muties Breeders

Hybrid Breeding Project

Hybrid Breeding Project!

Hybrid fans of Lioden

Hybrids and Muties

Hybrids Haven

Hybrids hideout

Hybrids of Lioden

Hybrids, Dwarfs, and pies ❤


I have a hoarding problem


Idiot Lions

Ilanga’s Adoptions

Inanna's Oddities

Instant Regret

Interstellar fellers

Introvert Island

Introvert Island REBORN

item apocalypse

・Raise n' Chase

Jacks Decors lol

Jellyfish Jam

Journey to Jaglions


Just for the Looks

just testing clan css

Karma Farmers United

Keeping Clean

Kelpie Cove

Ketchup Rat Klub

Kickstarter Klan

Killer Karma Guild

KiMandarin Invasion

King - Lioden Comic

Kings from Clones

Kinship Legacy 💫

Kinship of Kindness

Kiwi Army 2.0

Ladies Night

Lahura's Treasure Trove

Land of giving

Last Month's Event

Latino Lioden

Legion of Lioden

Lemon's mutie gifting clan

Lend A Helping Paw. 🐾



Let's get Jaggy!

Lex's Decor Store





Lioden 101

Lioden After Dark

Lioden artistry

Lioden Central


Lioden Decor Collecters

Lioden Discord

Lioden Farmers' Market

Lioden for dummies

Lioden Friends

Lioden Game Show

Lioden Gaurdians

Lioden Giveaways!

Lioden Great Depression


Lioden Information Center

Lioden Janitors

Lioden Junkyard

Lioden safe place

Lioden Storytellers

Lioden's Pantheon of God's

Lioden's Soup Kitchen

Lioden's Vibe Tribe

Lioden’s giveaways!



Liodon's Hybrids and Muties


Lion Buds!

Lion Containment Foundation

Lion Hoarders inc.

Lion Rescue

Lions adoptions

Lions for Noobies

Lions Galore!

Lions Lovers

Lions of Copper 9


Lions, Decor and More!


Little Devils

local thrift store

Loki of Asgard

Long Gen lovers

Lord of the Spirits

Lore of Lioden ✨

Losika Panthers

Love For Color

Love shack warrior sisters

love the lethals (crb)

Lovely buddies

Lovely Lions

Loving Lioden

Loving paws

Loving Raffles

Lucifer Morningstar Enjoyers

Luminary Fantasy

Lupanar of stars


M.A.D for M.O.Ds

magical muties

Make A List!

Man clan

Mango's Wonderful Raffles

Margay Mania

Markimoo's Fan Club

Mars' Art Museum

Marvellous Mudstone

Mass Breeding Lovers (MBL)

Mass Hysteria

Matchless Muties

Maziwa Love

Maziwa Mayhem

Mütåtïøñ Kïñgðøm

Midas's Touch

Midnight journey

Mischievous Devils

Mission Possible

Money Grubbin Muties

Money Hungry

monkeybread and puppychow 4eva

Monochrome Beauties


Monthly Art Raffles

Monthly Makeovers

Moon's Treasury and Clearing

Moonlight movie night

Moonlite Mannor Rescue

Mosquito Fighters

moth clan


moths thrift store!


Mut Distribution System‼️

Mut giveaways!

Mut Sales and Raffles :D

Mutation Center

Mutation salvation

Mutation Sensation

Mutation Wonderland

Mutations and stats

Mutations for the nations

mutes hide away

Mutie Adoption Center

Mutie and Beauty Breeders

Mutie bakery!

Mutie Breeders and lovers

Mutie Breeding Program

Mutie Buddies!

Mutie Domain

Mutie For Newbie

Mutie giveaways for all!


Mutie Mayhem

Mutie Obsessed

Mutie party

Mutie project

Mutie residence


mutie shopping mall

mutie studs and reverse breed

Mutie Town

Mutie,sp bases and apps oh my!

Mutielove ❤️

Muties 4 everyone

Muties and Colorbomb breeding

Muties and Cuties, Oh My!

Muties and Stuff

Muties Food, Toys and More!

Muties for all!

Muties for Everyone

Muties for Newbies!

Muties for the newbies

Muties for the poor

Muties Love Food

muties monsterssssss

Muties Sanctuary

Muties, Beauties, & Mixies

Mutts and Chased Raffles

Mutts n' Stuff

My Dude Nirah

Mythos United

Na’vi Nation

Nadir Nation

Nameless Ghouls

Natural Beauty.

Natures Embrace

Need Some Nudar??


Neurodivergent Lioden

Newbie United

NHD (Newbie Helpers Division)

Nice Naturals

Nifty Neutrals

Night Owls of Lioden 🌙

Night Owls Raffle Hoard

Nimravurus kings and Queens

Nirah’s Fanclub

Nonhumans of Lioden

Noobies Get Muties


Novas Treasures

Nymeria’s Vault

Okapi Conservation Project

One for Lioden, Lioden for All

One Lions Trash

One United Lioden


Open Hearts

Open Hoard and Adoption

Open hoard and raffles

Open house

Operation Artist

Operation Original Pie

Operation Share the Wealth

Orchid Fields of Items

Orchid Renaissance

Otherkin and therians of LD

Our Felidae Family

Our Sidhe

Out and About

Outlaw’s Forgiveness

Pagan Pride


Passionate About Primals

Pastel Peaches

Patch Mayhem

Patches and Pies

Patches,PatchesAndMore Patches

Pawsitive Vibes Only

Peachily's things and such

Pie for u!

Piebald Pal's

Piebald Pastries

Piebalds & Patches

Pies & Patches

Pies, pies and more pies!

Pink Knock-Out


Pixel Lion Collectors

pjo lovers

Pokemon fans!

ponhub ★

Pons & Gons

Ponyacci's Plentiful Pantry

Potato cub help! 🥔

Pretty In Pink~

Pretty tigons are supreme

Prideland Discounts

Prides United

Primal Felis Lovers

Primal Producers

Primal Rampage

Primals & Patches

Primitive Primals

Prismatic Lovers United

Project M

Project Pals !


Purely Aesthetic

Queen of the Kings

Radiant Rarities

Radical Rosettes

Raffle Addicts

Raffle Addicts!

raffle beauties

Raffle Gods

Raffle Lioness Fanatics

Raffle maker

Raffle Maniacs

Raffle Marking Appreciators

Raffle Rave

Raffle Roulette



Raffles and more!


raffles, giveaways and more!

Ragdoll Rosettes

Raging rosettes&Precious pies

Rainbow Lions

Rainbow Rewards

Raise Chase Program

Raise n' Chase

Ralanu's lake

Rancid meats (hoard & raffles)

Rare items for all!

Rarities and Oddities

Real Good Raffles!

Real Good Raffles! - Decor

Recreating Extinct RLCs

Recycling claws

Reflecting Nebula

RL Laundromat

RLC Eden

RLC Enthusiasts!

RLC Mayhem

RLC Network

RLC Protection Squad

RLC Studs

Roaring Elites

Roleplayers United

Ros. Kingdom

Rosette nursery ❤

Royal Heritage

Ruby riot

Safe Haven Falls



Scavengers Hoard

Scrunkle cult

Serpent's Succor.

Serpopard appreciation

Shaded Shadows

Shiba's helping paw!

Shrod Believers

Shu's Art Ping

Siamese & Panther Clan



Sleeping Beauties

Small nursery

Snakey worship

Snowy Rosette Project

Solar Grace

Space Bases

Space Cadets

Space lovers

Special Lions Clan

Splatoon fans!


Splotches Stop and Adopt!

Spread the Mark!

Squeaky Clean Clan

Starlight Pride


Starman’s Legacy

Stellar Savages

Stepping Stones


Straight Vibing

Stroke of Luck

Stud Buds


Stuff for newbs!

Suliri's Art+Decor Ping

Sunset’s Mystery Muties

Super Smash Stats

Supply Lioden

Survivors of the Wasteland

Swap Central (Mutes + more)

Sweet Home Liobama

Sweetie Pies

Tefnut's sanctuary

The 4 Cubs Food

The A Association

The Artist's Alcove

The Bee's Knee(less)

The Beetle Breeder Club

The Blood Born

The Bone Yard

the Brawl Cult

The Building Blocks

The Chased Hoard

The Chicken Coop

The City

The Clergy

The Coven

The Cozy Corner Clan

The Crows Nest

The Cub Scrub

The Dragons Hoard

The Dropper

The Duck's Domain

The Dump

The Dwarfie Army

The Exchange Post

The Family Cave

The Flowering Dwarves

The Forest Grove of Lioden

The Forgotten Bases of Lioden

The Garden of Lioden

The Gem Hoard


The Giver

The Giving Tree - Items Hoard

The Gon Goobers Unboxing

The Good Hoard

The Hate Club

The Heretics Hollow

The Highway To Giveaways

The Hoard of Goodies.

The Holding Cell

The House Of Thorns

The Inner Circle

The Interstellar Medium

The Lioden Conservatory

The Lioden Gazette

The Lioden Mafia

The Lion Reservation

The Lions for Noobies Basement

The lost fans

The Love of Muties

The Mane Event


The Museum of Creation

The Mutation Payday

The Mutie Collective

The Mutie Lottery

The Mutiedex

The Muties Collective

The Nannies

The NCL Agenda

The Neurodivergent Lions

The New Riser

The Newbies of Lioden

The Nightlights Beauty

The Northward Family

The Pinky Lion lovers

The Pon Project

the purrfect lions

The Rare Muties Project!

The Rarest Beauties

The Robin Hood of Lioden

The Role Place

The Rosette Laboratory

The Sillies ˙ᵕ˙

The SOME Individuals

The Soup Store

The space place!

The Spiders

The Spoonie Lounge

The Spy Simps

The Stars Above

The Temple of Anubis

The Treasure Trove

The White Rose


Thrift a lion

Thrift Store of Useful Items

Tigon Team

Toad’s Terrarium

Toby n' Ollie's Art Oasis

Toebean Cult

Tomorrow's Royal Raffles

Too Many Muts

Tԋҽ Bҽҽƚʅҽʂ 🪲

Tractor supply

Traders' Lounge

Trash or Treasure?

Trash panda

Traveler’s Guide to Lioden

Traveling Across Plains

Treasure Cove

Treasure Lands

Tree Cleaners

Tree Syndicates

Trikru Donations

True Beauties

True Blue

True Blue P.2

Turning trash into Treasure

Ukame Universe

Umbra Kinship

Uneven empire

Valiant Vitiligos



vermax fanclub committee

Vibe Central

Vitiligo Vault


Vultures' Wake

vvin's art center

Wandering hopes

Wares and Shares

Warrior Cats club 🐈🐈‍

Warrior Cats Society

Warriors Pride

Weebs of Lioden

Weekly Raffles For All

Welcome to Helle



Willows Garden

Winds of Change

Wolvden Kingdom

Wolves of the Wild

Wombo Combo

Wood’s Wonderful Muties

Worm Club

Writer's Unite

Writers of Lioden

XL's raffles

You've Got Muts!

[ Muties and Beauties ]

[+•Simply beautiful•+]

[AB] Adopt a beauty


| Ancestors' Oasis Pride |


~ Helping All ~

~ Rosette Haven ~

~Artist Avenue~

~•Free For All•~

~•Lovely Felines•~

~Breeding Buddies~

~Mutie Rampage~

~The Event Breeders~

~The Novel Idea~

~|The Giving Lily|~

King Dynasty

Pride Dynasty



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