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sporadically leaving/offline for a while due to irl. ill get back to you as soon as I can.


A Few Notes . . .

SIDE ACCT | Returned to LD 10/18/22 | I just replaced the emojis, I am / was [πŸ¦…] winter soldier [🌻] ! Former king was Barnes, but I lost the name due to the hiatus and renamed to III.

i love lioden beetles. dead ones too / especially.

I ONLY remove studs if I realize your stud is dirty and I have a clean lioness and I messed up, or it's my lionesses' last day and you go offline. There is an EXTREMELY low chance I sent the wrong lion, but again that is very rare.

Once they leave your den they aren’t yours anymore. I have the right to kill/chase/sell any and all lion/esses in my den.

Feel free to pm offers on trades/ask on haggling.

I don't care about clean lions unless I'm breeding a clean lion -- then they will only be bred to a clean king etc.

Β© on my lions means nrlc/rlc/nrlc esk!

Just a heads up that messaging about a sale of a lion or item if it's not advertised is considered unsolicited messaging which is against the rules." but if you have a good offer I don't mind if you send offers. I'm just kind of picky.


A To Achieve . . .
N = Not Obtained ; Y = Yes/Obtained

[N] Faux Mohawk: Monochrome = x20 Archer's Buzzard Feather, x20 Sacred Ibis Feather, x20 Hornbill Feather
[Y] Croaking Branches = x30 Common Raven
[Y] Falling Leaves = x2 Messy Mane 1, x2 Messy Mane 2
[Y] Finespun Hyena Bodywear [Melanistic] = x30 Shining Drongo Feather, x2 Spotted Hyena Skull, x15 Nut Grass
[N] Gregarious Form = x50 Locust Wing
[Y] Hippo Skull Decor = x30 Hippo Skull
[N] 2/4 Locust Earrings [All Colors] = x10 Locust Wings each (40 total)
[1/3] Nest of Mice [All] = Shit Ton of Fancy Mice (all kinds)
[N] Waterfall Cave Mouth [Both] = x15 Large Leaves, x15 Large Rock each (30 LL, 30 LR total)
[Y] Necropolis = x30 Carcass Bgs
[N] Claw Extensions [All] = A Shit Ton of Assorted Eupatorus birmanicus


Leonid [N], Prismatic [Y], Stratosphere [N], Inpu [Y], Ankh [N], Gregarious [N], Damu [N], Elysian [N], Frostbitten [N], Grullo [N], Haze [N], Hirola [N], Ice [Y], Kunzite [N], Madagascar [N], Majivu [N], Meteorite [N], Mummy [N], Penumbra [Y], Seer [N], Soul [N], Temporal [N], Velvet [Y]

Mut achievements I would love to get:
// Hybrids have been achieved but I adore them and will always be looking for others. //
Cleft Palate N
Two Heads N
Conjoined N

Least favorite muts are as a group mane muts. I do collect a few of them though! Some I will never buy/generally dislike more are whiskered, fluffy, or silky.

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Level: 6 Branch: Thrones' Hoard Excess
Stats: 113 Territory: 55
Lionesses: 29 Beetle Slots: 2 / 7
Cubs: 14 / 275 Grandpaw: β€”
Male Slots: 1 / 3 Subordinate Males: Triumph sell 9m (Fatherly)
Frozen Slots: 1 / 2 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 13 lions with mutations in ❛ Thrones ❜'s pride.

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