Morgan Uchiha's Den

Morgan Uchiha the Black Angel of death.

100% of determination and 0% of patience I bad at training heirs XD

Elysian Breeding dedicated account

(Accepting Clean Ebony(or any other elysian factor) cubs or ladys(5 years at max) as donations!

You can throw your unwanted clean lions with this bases here!

Currently Elysians born on the den: 36

Side Acc

About me(the lion player):

I have autism pls be patient with me I can be weird sometimes

just be patient with me ok guys :)

Gender: Genderfluid? (I bit confuse with that recently)

my chinese zodiac: Rabbit, Normal zodiac: Sagittarius

Fandoms I'm more active

Furry Fandom
FNAF Fandom
Slendytubbies Fandom
Undertale Fandom
South Park Fandom
MLP Fandom
Brawl Stars Fandom

Aus created
Undertale Furry AU( Discontinued )
SlendyTubbies Furry AU
South park Furry AU
Brawl Stars Furry AU
MLP Evil Sides


All characters involved in the following ships are of legal age or same age I not like weird stuff ok.

i Just an Normal Shipper

MLP/My Little pony
Favorite characters: Pinkie Pie,Luna

Favorite ships: Rainbowpie and Cheesepie.

Ships that I hate most: SoarinDash ( Soarin x Rainbow Dash

Character that I hate most: Soarin

FNAF/ Five Nights At Freddys
Favorite characters: all bonnies: Bonnie,Toy Bonnie,Shadow Bonnie, Spring Bonnie/Springtrap etc.

Favorite Ship: all fronnies type: Fronnie, Toy Fronnie,Shadow Fronnie,Golden Fronnie( Fronnie is Freddy x Bonnie I like all types of this Ship with all versions of Freddy and Bonnie).

Ships that I hate most: Bonnica, Fonnie, Toy Bonnica, Toy Fonnie, Fangle,Freddica, Toy Freddica.

Character that I hate most: All Chicas

Favorite characters: Chara, Alphys,Mettaton,Papyrus

Favorite Ship: Undyne X Alphys, Asriel X Chara, Sans X Frisk, Asgore x Toriel, Mettaton X Papyrus.

Ships that I hate most: Soriel( Sans x Toriel), MuffTon(Mettaton x Muffet)

Character that I hate most: Muffet

Spyro The Purple Dragon ( is a game of PS I Play in PS2 or Ps2 Simulator on my computer)
Favorite character: Cynder The Dragoness

Favorite Ship: Spyro x Cynder.

Ships that I hate most: Spyro X Ember

Character that I hate most: Ember

Steven Universe
Favorite character: Amethyst

Favorite Ship: Amedot(Peridot x Amethyst)

Ships that I hate most: Lapidot(lapis X Peridot)

Character that I hate most: Lapis Lazuli

South Park
Favorite characters: Eric Cartman,Craig,Kyle

Favorite Ships: Kyman/Kyle x Cartman, Craig x Tweek, Kenny x Butters

Ships that I hate most: Cartman x Heidi

Character that I hate most: Mr Garrison

Favorite character: Sasuke, Hinata

Favorite Ship: SasuNaru/Sasuke x Naruto, Ino X Sakura, Gaara x Rock Lee

Ships that I hate most: Sasuke x Hinata, Sasuke x Sakura, Naruto x Sakura.

Favorite characters: Tinky winky, Walten(White Tubbie)

Favorite ships: Tinky Winky X Walten, Dipsy x Ron. Po x Laalaa,Tinky Winky X Dipsy

Ships that I hate most: Walten x Po, Walten x Laa Laa, Tinky winky x Po, Tinky Winky x Laa Laa.

Character that I hate most: Noo Noo.

Brawl Stars(my fave fandom and game currently)

Favorite characters: Edgar,Colette,Bonnie,Fang,Amber,Leon,Chester,Charlie,Kit, Janet

Favorite Ships: Colette X Edgar, Fang X Amber,Leon x Sandy, Edgar x Fang, Mortis x Bibi, Chester X Mandy.

Ships that I hate most: Colette x Spike,Edgar x Emz, Fang x Janet,Byron x Edgar, Leon x Jessie, Sandy x Bibi

Characters that I hate most: Griff,Ash,Eve,Tick

Pokemon Type that I hate: Fairy Type

list of fave pokemons:

1- eeveelutions ( main fave of the eeveelutions is vaporeon and umbreon )

2-dragons types Dragonite Garchomp and Goodra

Morgan Uchiha, the Cursed
Level: 17 Branch: Sales
Stats: 1017 Territory: 110
Lionesses: 95 Beetle Slots: 0 / 17
Cubs: 58 / 550 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 1 / 3 Subordinate Males: Fangs G2
Frozen Slots: 1 / 2 Cave Slots: 3 / 4
There are 5 lions with mutations in Morgan Uchiha's pride.

Morgan Uchiha's Player
Member ID #142117
Chara(Main acc)
Joined: 2018-03-24 20:27:11 Last Active: 2024-04-14 11:33:28

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Laika II
played by Gen 2 |Ticked Pie| ✨
Level 5 - 30 lionesses - 12 cubs
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Sae Itoshi
played by Lambert | G1 Opal 13/15BO
Level 16 - 15 lionesses - 37 cubs
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played by Runaan [G2 Uneven 14BO Noctis]
Level 13 - 10 lionesses - 1 cubs
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played by Saphire
Level 13 - 169 lionesses - 123 cubs
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Level 10 - 58 lionesses - 51 cubs
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King of Thieves
played by Kuai | x3 ros wep wrapped pie
Level 13 - 73 lionesses - 55 cubs
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