Divine Pursuit's Den

This territory has 35 lion(s) that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!
This territory has lion(s) that are aging up tomorrow and you may not have enough territory to cope with them all!

Level: 18 Branch: Mercantile Court
Stats: 1818 Territory: 175
Lionesses: 175 Beetle Slots: 4 / 6
Cubs: 109 / 875 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 3 / 4 Subordinate Males: ***3G FERUS
3G Ferus Dos
Natural Heir
Frozen Slots: 2 / 2 Cave Slots: 6 / 6
There are 29 lions with mutations in Divine Pursuit's pride.

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24 Pregnant Lionesses

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