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You left your den feeling a little more adventurous than usual. Maybe it was the sunny day, or a smell carried by the wind, but while you were exploring you decided to turn onto a different path. It was dark and humid, and the further you went, the more wet your paws became. The trees became thicker, blocking out the sky with tightly interwoven canopies. Their roots became more twisted and thin, resembling a giant spider with too many legs. You were beginning to get unnerved by the silence.

About to turn back, you hear an odd sound nearby. It sounded like something was splashed into water and slapped on a rock. Curious, and relieved to take your mind off the eerie shadows of the swamp, you approach the noises with the best stealth you could muster. The trees thinned abruptly and a narrow river churned slowly just beyond. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, until a sudden head emerging out of the water startled you. It was a lion! You watched as he carried a fat, wriggling fish onto the shore, spitting it onto a small pile. You forgot you were trying to hide and got spotted immediately.

He tensed, eyes narrowed as if he didn’t know what to do. “Who are you?” he asked, squaring his shoulders. The intimidation would have worked if his soaked mane wasn’t stuck to his face.

You explain how you were only exploring and didn’t mean to intrude, inching backwards in case you needed to run. He relaxed slightly, but kept his posture.

“Ehm, alright,” he quickly glanced back at his pile of fish, looking eager to get back to his task. “I’m working on something at the moment…” he muttered, seeming to search for an explanation.

After a moment he just shook his head, sending some water droplets flying out of his mane. “Go look for my mate, Benka. She’ll help you find your way around.”

You waited a moment for him to continue, but he had turned his attention back to the water. You quietly slip back onto the path and continue inwards, hoping to find the lioness.

Achimah, the Protector
Level: 11 Branch: Heartlands Tree Root
Stats: 1288 Territory: 40
Lionesses: 28 Beetle Slots: 0 / 15
Cubs: 7 / 200 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 0 / 3 Subordinate Males: None!
Frozen Slots: 2 / 2 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 8 lions with mutations in Achimah's pride.

Achimah's Player
Member ID #143929
NECR0AM G1 Scattered x2Mada
Joined: 2018-04-16 10:10:15 Last Active: 2023-06-15 8:33:58

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4 Pregnant Lionesses

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Level 4 - 36 lionesses - 15 cubs
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Level 7 - 21 lionesses - 11 cubs
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Level 24 - 109 lionesses - 39 cubs
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