Cutthroat Pearl Fane II's Den

I am 1HRs ahead of Lioden time and usually only active between 8AM and 8PM LDT.

Please do not send Random friend Requests as i will not accept them.

Breeding Goals:

Breed every type of Mutation the game has to offer
Patches Mutations:(Murky)
Patches (charred) [x]Patches (corrupted) [x]Patches (croupe) [x]Patches (Dense) [x]Patches ( fissure) [x]Patches (fringe) [x]Patches (frontal) [x]Patches (rift) [x]Patches (shadow) [x]Patches (spotted) [x]Patches (striped) [x]Patches (torn) [x]Patches (uneven) [x]Patches (wicked) [x]Patches (vernal) [x] Patches (Cross) [x] Patches Panda [x] Patches Plumage [x] Murky [] Mantle [x] Nebulous [x]

Piebald Mutations:(wrapped)
Piebald (bisected) [x] Piebald (broken)[x] Piebald (clouded) [x] Piebald (cracked) [x] Piebald (Daedal) [x] Piebald ( dappled ) [x] Piebald (dorsal) [x] Piebald (echo) [x] Piebald (frail) [x] Piebald (harlequin) [x] Piebald (heavy) [x] Piebald (light) [x] Piebald (mosaic ) [x] Piebald (mottled) [x] Piebald (natural) [x] Piebald (scattered) [x] Piebald (shreds) [x] Piebald (slender) [x] Piebald ( subtle) [x]Piebald (svelte) [x] Piebald (withered)[x] Piebald (Overo) [x] Piebald (Tobiano) [ x] piebald (Tovero) [x] Piebald (Ticked) [x] Magpie [x] spalsh [x] wrapped []

Hybrids: (first Gen Pon)
Leopon [x]Tigon/first gen [x]
(2/2) (1/2)

Visible Mutations: (Toothless/Eyeless)
Achromia [x]Melanism [x]Bobbed tail [x]Clawless [x]Folded ears [x]Dwarfism [x]Tailless [x] Toothless [ ]Eyeless [ ]Blind [x]Dorsal fur [x]Overgrown tongue [x]Polycaudal [x]

Adult mutations:(frizzy/shaggy/overgrownfur)
Mane feathery [x]Maneless [x]Mane fluffy [x]Mane frizzy [ ]Mane fuzzy [x]Mane imperial [x]Mane noble [x]Mane ruffled [x]Mane scruffy [x]Mane shaggy [ ]Mane silky [x]Mane succubus [x]Mane villious [x]Mane whiskered [x]Double uterus [x]Overgrown fur [ ]Overgrown claws [x] Overgrown teeth [x]

Primal mutations: COMPLETED
Primal [x]Primal ( felis) [x]Primal (ferus) [x]Primal (smilus) [x]Primal Fangs [x]

Total : 74/82

Breed every combo base the game has to offer
Arabica [x]Asiatic [x]Black rose [x] Basalt [x] Cairngorm [x]Celesian [x]Citrine [x] Elysian [x]Ember [x] Esker [x] Gilded [x]Hellebore [x] Hexaplex[x] Madagascar [x]Mudstone [x]Nadir [x]Qahir [x]Rose Gold [x]Sphinx [x] Ra [x]Styx [x] Cloudburst [x]Hoarfrost [x] Majivu [x] Mistletoe [x] Pulsar [x]Rime [x]Smog [x]Snowflake [x]Temporal [x] Ennead[x] Ogdoad [x]Olive [x]Soul [x]Squall[x] Serruria[x] Witch [x]Nun[]
Total: 37/38

This den has 1 lion that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Cutthroat Pearl Fane II, the Deathlord of the Jungle
Level: 11 Branch: Tons of items
Stats: 184 Territory: 152
Lionesses: 131 Beetle Slots: 0 / 29
Cubs: 13 / 760 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 3 / 3 Subordinate Males: Newly Claimed Groupie
Newly Claimed Groupie patrole
Frozen Slots: 0 / 4 Cave Slots: 9 / 9
There are 13 lions with mutations in Cutthroat Pearl Fane II's pride.

Cutthroat Pearl Fane II's Player
Member ID #166601
Trigger G1/Magpie
Joined: 2019-01-09 20:08:10 Last Active: 2024-06-16 21:05:28

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