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Mutation roll order
Leopon OR Overgrown Fur OR Tigon† ➜ Patches/Piebald† ➜ GMO Cow/Lion Meat ➜ Cotton Root Bark ➜ Fertility/Natural Chance ➜ Lion Scrotum ➜ Primal ➜ Dorsal Fur† ➜ Tigon Boost* ➜ Mukombero ➜ Dorsal Fur Guarantee*

My game suggestion
Please check it out, I know it may be much reading but I really appreciate if you'd take a look, thank you very much!


What I am collecting:
🔥 Overgrown fur
🔥 Daisy eyes
🔥 Gem eyes
🔥 Lilac skin
🔥 Slot 4: red crackle
🔥 Slot 8: red indri
🔥 Slot 10: dim cimmerian
🔥 Parrot decor
🔥 Flower body wear decor
🔥 Wenets

(December event and forum gifting games thing)
My wishlist if you want to gift:

Gem: moss agate
Silver beetles
large rock, small rock, pet rock (I craft backgrounds from them)
rainbow stones
Murex Shells- REALLY appreciated!
Malachite Sunbird Feathers
Scimitarbill Feathers
Gem: Rhodonite
Random herb
:3: Lions with daisy eyes and lilac skin!! :3:
Random non-explore decor!!!

:love: Bigger things :love:

Random non-explore background
Grain of paradise
:gb: GBs :gb:
Cub sex changers- never enough of them!
Cotton root bark- helpful with my projects!
Energy items!
Any breeding item!
Any EXP item

If you decided to gift me anything from this list, thank you very much, I really appreciate your effort

Ruaidhri, the Brave
Level: 17 Branch: 🔥 Burning branch 🔥
Stats: 1423 Territory: 258
Lionesses: 244 Beetle Slots: 27 / 54
Cubs: 364 / 1290 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 4 / 8 Subordinate Males: G2 smilus 1100,14yo
🪐Space traveler🪐
NRLC (Jet)
Frozen Slots: 4 / 4 Cave Slots: 9 / 9
There are 35 lions with mutations in Ruaidhri's pride.

Ruaidhri's Player
Member ID #167078
Maro (9BO Primal Scoundrel)
Joined: 2019-01-17 16:42:36 Last Active: 2024-04-20 20:12:56

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