Queen Zena's Den

Over All Goals

+ Buy All Territory Slots✅
+ Gain 10000+ SB
+ Gain 200+ GB
+ Decorate All Lions
+ Total of 20 Muties (Mostly Piebald)✅
+ Breed Better Stats
+ Make A Lore About Pride✅

Recent Pride News

+Zena Was Crowned - 4/14/2024

Queen Zena Ruler Of the Karabi Pride, Upon taking over, she intends to rule with a soft and gentle hand, leading her pride into one of the most peaceful Era's of there time. Queen Zena is rather soft and kind, always playing with critters, she tends to spend her time enjoying her lionesses time, and playing with cubs.

Recently Queen Zena, is confused on feelings, on one hand she has her childhood crush, on the other, a kindhearted handsome ally.

Zena chose her handsome Ally, and their relationship moved quickly.

Tragically she lost her love, as he was older, to a lion whose name is Kazi, well she assumes, having snuck into her old lover's territory in hopes to see him again, a brave lioness came forward and told her of her loves passing. Zena is heartbroken, and her growls of despair and sorrow can be heard from miles away. This lost has consumed her, and she is started to neglect her responsibility as leader, leaving her pride scared and confused of the future,

Wanted Items

Monkey Teeth Items

[GE - Balkans] Bosnian Kurjak
[GE - Balkans] Serbian Tricolor

[GE - Greece] Cretan Hound
[GE - Himalaya] Tibetan Fox

[GE - India - Deccan Forest] Deccan Forest
[GE - India - Ganges Delta] Leopard Cat
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] Indian Wild Ass
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] Thar Desert
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] White-Footed Fox

[GE - Middle East] Socotra Island
[GE - Philippines] Askal
[GE - Sumatra] Ngarai Sianok
[GE - Sumatra] Sunda Clouded Leopard
[GE - Thailand] Marbled Cat

[Raffle] Ankasa Forest Reserve
[Raffle] Dzanga-Sangha Reserve
[Raffle] Himba Village
[Raffle] The Serengeti
[Raffle] Wilge River

Karabi's Peak Pride

Lore being Written by
Longfang (#432386,) payment has been made.

Lust Will be the Downfall


Long before the reign of Izibekien, there was a fearsome tyrant of a king. He ruled with one claw of iron, and one of steel, bloody fangs and an even bloodier past.

Then ruled Ahadi

Screams surrounded the young prince. Blood splatters on his face. Death has a grip on his pride. He knew this day would eventually come. His father was too soft, too trusting, too gullible. He allied himself with complete strangers, and allied them into his territory. He should have known that they didn't want his allyship, they wanted his resources, and his cubs, and his lionesses. When the carnage broke out, Ahadii wasn't surprised, all of his stupid father's allies had come together to destroy this thriving pride. The lionesses put up a good fight of course, but they were no match for prides full of power hungry starving lionesses. They all died quickly, except for the pretty ones of course, the kings of the prides always kept the pretty ones to satisfy their needs.

Somehow, out of pity perhaps, Ahadi was spared the gruesome deaths of the other males in his pride, and was welcomed with open arms into a pride full of males, one of the ones who had attacked his pride in the first place. He didn't know why, until the king came to examine him.
"Hmm, this man is quite dull, however he seems quite strong, and these markings could fetch a high price." as it turned out, this was a male trading pride. He was going to be sold. He didn't mind that as much as he thought he would, after all, only wealthy prides could buy lions, so that means he could wind up in a good home.

He was sold into a fairly sufficient pride, full of beautiful lionesses. He quickly befriended the kind, who placed his trust in him just as quickly. What a stupid king (fancy font on "what a stupid king").
it turns out, Ahadi was not the "good guy" that everyone thought he was. He wasn't nice, he wasn't kind, he was all goody and trusting. But being outright evil never did anyone any good, so he had to hide it. He trained in secret, for the day he would one day take the throne from the idiotic trusting king that had placed his trust in him. He hated a trusting king, they were all weak. One day, when he was ready, he put his plan into action.

Power will be the rise

Ahadi greeted the unsuspecting king one morning, and reported a pack of hyenas prowling a little too close to the border, then offered to accompany him to deal with the problem. Only days before, he was appointed as heir to the throne. In the king's own words, "he is like a son to me, so he might as well get the inheritance". Now was the best time to put his plan forth.

When they reached the border, and the king realized there were no hyenas, it was too late. The old king turned around with dismay, and was confronted with teeth to the neck, and claws in the back. The fight lasted hours, in which Ahadi gained only a few scars, and the king gained many severe injuries. In the end, it was no fight at all, it was slaughtering. When the stubborn old king finally died, Ahadi returned to the pride covered in blood, and claimed a tale of how the hyenas were too big of a match for them, and the king died tragically, and he alone escaped.

The pride accepted him as king fairly enough, of course, there were those with suspicions. But they were quickly disposed of. The rest adored him. And he had his favorites. During his reign, Ahadi started to show his true colors. Conquering other prides, killing all of the males, and taking the pretty females captive. He had many queens over the years, but none lasted very long, he eventually grew tired of them, and killed them. That is, until he met her.

Desire will be the life

He met her while forging an alliance with another pride. She was the most beautiful lioness he had ever met, and he knew he had to have her. He asked the king of the pride for her, willing to pay with anything. But, he said no. Apparently, she already had a lover. Well, it would seem that he had a lover to kill. Unfortunately, when he killed the rather boring sub male, the king saw him. Oh well, he didn't really like him anyway. So he slaughtered the rest of the pride, leaving izibekien alone. She was reluctant to come with him at first, but after she saw her entire pride dead, and the murderous gleam in his eye, she agreed.

After a few months in her new pride, Ahadi asked her to be his queen. She agreed, pretending to love him so that she could stay alive. However, she was planning to use this to her advantage.
She gave the king many cubs, and he gave her everything. Anything she asked for, it was her. She became very popular among the pride as well. They loved her because she was kind to them. However, when around the king, she had to be cruel, and they understood this. One time, she was forced to ask the king to execute a lioness for her, so as not to blow her covered. She watched the lionesses' death with tears in her eyes.

Love will be the death

Ahadi had begun to love the lioness he called his queen. She seemed to be just as cruel and cunning as he was, and she was helping him rule the kingdom with an iron paw. She was perfection in and of itself. But there was one little problem, she seemed distracted. Lately, she has been spending more time with the submales of this pride. He began to grow jealous. HE confronted her about it, but she denied any romantic feelings towards them, so he knew that it must be their fault, they were forcing his beautiful perfect queen to be with them. They must die. So he killed them both, innocent as they were. Neither the submales, nor izzy had romantic feelings, instead, they were planning to overthrow the king.

Izzy had been planning this for awhile, since she had become queen really. The plan was simple. Izzy would lure the king away to a secluded place, where all of the kings of the enemy prides laid in wait. There, he would be killed. The submales had already notified them all before they had died, so it was not in vain. Finally, the day came.

It all went so smoothly. She fluttered her eyes, and asked nicely for the king to join her on a walk. She led him to a dense thicket of shrubs, where all of the vengeful kings slaughtered him. It was a piece of cake. When she returned to the pride, they all welcomed her to remain as queen, for which she has been up until this very day. She still does feel a little remorse, after all, he did love her, but lust will be the downfall, power will be the rise, desire will be the life, and love will be the death.

Dreamboat of Ladies Queen Zena
Level: 16 Branch: Hide N Seak
Stats: 538 Territory: 40
Lionesses: 24 Beetle Slots: 0 / 6
Cubs: 7 / 200 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 1 / 2 Subordinate Males: Awiti
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 1 / 3
There are 8 lions with mutations in Queen Zena's pride.

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