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Thixo Teferi

Nordic Lioden Playerbe_happy

Thixo - The old King - father of Kings

Image by HathienThixo
In honour of The King
by Bamon

Lioden life
LiodenLife - Lifemap - Free to use on your den but please credit

White Hindquarters (no of lions w the mark)

Slot 1: 1
Slot 3: 5
Slot 4: 1
Slot 5: 3
Slot 9: 1

Eyes that I prefer:

NCL Eyes Common: Olive, Brown
NCL Eyes Exclusive: Celadon, Chamotte, Glass, Mosaic, Terracotta, Tessera
Custom Eyes Basic: Blue, Green, Grey, Sandy
Custom Eyes Special: Aqua, Bronze, Crystal, Cucumber, Denim, Earth, Emerald, Hazel, Hetero Blue & Brown, Hetero Blue & Green, Ice, Jade, Malachite, Mint, Paradise, Saffron, Sage, Sapphire, Storm, Sunburst,
Event Eyes: Pearl, Banana, Hetero Blue & Ice, Hetero Cucumber & Saffron, Hetero Denim & Jade, Starshine, Sunglow
Breed-Only Eyes: Faience, Cosmic, Sectoral Amber & Ice, Sectoral Brown & Blue, Sectoral Green & Blue, Sectoral Ice & Green
Applicator Eyes: Arid, Celestite, Crepuscular, Dioptase, Drongo, Intense Salt, Jasper, Mist, Peridot, Tanzanite,


Welcome to the Decor Den, please, have a seat but be careful so you dont sit on any leftbehind lion toy. I begun my Lioden experience Aug 3, 2013 and my first male was Thixo along with two NCL's that was gifted to me; Onaedo (#858246) and Kei (#857864). I try and keep my pride rather small, aiming for good colors and markings without comprimising on quality as stats.

Short and simple! - Behind the crazy Decor

- Adult female player
- Swedish
- Started playing Aug 3rd 2013
- Loves friendly teasing (of course within limits and depending who I talk to)
- Loves to draw, mostly horses
- Loves silly pun-y jokes
- Was owned by a dog named Qelly (or so she thought so anyway), a weimaraner. She passed away 2016. Forever missed, Forever loved <3
- Hangs out a lot on DeviantArt
- want to know more??? Oh geez...well ;) just ask...might not be able to promise an answer but - if you never ask - you will never know ;)


Den History

Thixio 1.0 - 27 sep 2013 - Got a fancy furupdate thanks to player #18665.
Thixio 2.0 - 28 dec 2013, Got his heirs Abikus soul - aka stats.
Thixio 3.0 - ie Thixio Teferi - 3 apr 2014, Thixos son Teferi inherit the throne/pride, take his sires name as part of his own as memory.
Thixio 4.0 - ie Thixio Tafiti - 30 july 2014, Thixo Teferis son Tafiti inherit the throne/pride, take his sire and grandsires name as part of his own as memory.
Thixio 5.0 - ie Thixio Thairu - 3 nov 2014, inherit the throne/pride, take his stepsires name as part of his own as memory and keeping the tradition. Hails from the bloodline of The Two First Lionesses.
Thixio 6.0 - ie Thixio Tapiwa - 16 mar 2015, inherit the throne/pride, take his relatives name as part of his own as memory and keeping the tradition. Hails from the bloodline of The Two First Lionesses.

Thixio 7.0 - ie Thixio - Cant remember, inherit the throne/pride. As I just popped in every and then for a while, and many times were quite absent I have no recordings of when this Thixo took the throne.
Thixio 8.0 - ie Thixio Tyriq - 25 apr 2023, regin of the evening caller has begun - ROAR! hulk hulk hulk!
Thixio 9.1 - ie Thixio Kestrell - 20 july 2023, inherits the throne after Tyriq and gets an upgrade, some new markings and start my breedingplan to breed with White Hindquarters as a base marking.
Thixio 10.1 - ie Thixio Falco - 23 october 2023, inherits the throne after Kestrell. He keeps the markings (but lose the pinto marking). Continues the idea to breed with White Hindquarters as a base marking.
Thixio 11.1 - ie Thixio Hawk - 27 mar 2024, inherits the throne after Falco. Decided to use one of my Groupiemales from last year and use some of the apps I have collected, as well as spending some of my few GBs I had. Since I cant buy new ones I have tried to drag the use of the ones I have out as much as possible. This male do not have the White hindquarters but hopefully my stock of WH females will produce something nice enough to bring forward :)

Clean Den

This den only holds clean lions. They might have longer lines than what seems the most popular but Im doing my best to clean out any dirt that I used to have in the pride.

Friend Requests

I do accept friendrequests - however - I also do go through it every now and then and removes people that havent logged in for about 3 months. The list is VERY long at the moment and its hard sometimes to find people on it because of it.

This den has lions that are aging up tomorrow - there is currently not enough territory to cope with them all!

Good Natured Thixio Hawk
Level: 9 Branch: De Cor Store
Stats: 521 Territory: 59
Lionesses: 55 Beetle Slots: 7 / 16
Cubs: 25 / 295 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 0 / 2 Subordinate Males: None!
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 2 / 3
There are 4 lions with mutations in Thixio Hawk's pride.

Thixio Hawk's Player
Member ID #17721
Joined: 2013-08-03 01:13:02 Last Active: 2024-04-19 4:54:49

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9 Pregnant Lionesses

Empty Cave Slot

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