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Bath and Body Works is the daughter of Canista’s Lights, a land-dweller cursed to never walk amongst the stars above. She brought the pride back to the earth, residing in the sands of the desert forever bathed in twilight.

Pon {X} (sold for lethal)
Gon {}
Dwarf {X} (sold later on)
Mel {X}
Achro {X}
Eyeless {}
Deaf/Blind {X}
Primal {X}
Primal Fanged {X}
Dorsal Fur {X}
DU {X} (sold for pon)
Succubus Mane {X}
LETHAL {X} (Lipomatosis)
IBF addict
IP address may change on both accounts as I frequently move between 3 houses every week.
Mutie breeder!
King is clean! (I checked)

Name: Spine, Viren, Corvid (preferred)
Pronouns: They/Them

Current king: CANISTA’S LIGHTS
Previous king: EATEN MOSS
First king: RUSSOM

I DO NOT ISSUE TICKET REFUNDS ON RAFFLES. If you bought a ticket on accident, it's unfair for me to give it back to you.

I usually feed my lions and cubs to full when i have a lot of SB. Otherwise, yes, the cubs starve and have 0 mood. If you have a problem with me starving a cub you gave to me, let me know and i’ll start prioritizing them with the lionesses.
This is because I am usually very low on SB trying to trade and join raffles for items I need, and end up only having enough food for the lionesses and sell the rest in order to buy nests, etc.
As you open your eyes, you groan a bit with strain. Despite the long, long nap you took, you feel achy everywhere and exhausted. Your vision is blurred for a bit, and you force your paw up to rub your eyes.
The sound of crashing waves... since when did you live near an ocean?
You slowly force yourself to stand before you flinch, hearing a voice ring out loud and deep.
As you look up, you have to squint. Up on a rock ledge, wings spread, was a Felis lioness. Her frame blocked most of the sun, and as you glance down to clear your eyes again you realize she isn't alone.
Dozens of lionesses have surrounded you, two males in their midst as well, though obviously they specifically don't concern you.
The aggression of this pride is awfully concerning, though.
"Tch. Some guy who woke up here. I can smell it on their pelt."
A dark piebald female stumbles away from you, her yellow eyes quite literally flaming with rage as she stares at you.
"I say we kill them!"
Two albino lionesses chime in, their voices ringing out in unison as they looked up at the lioness that seemed to be their leader.
Speaking of their leader... she was oddly beautiful, yet terrifying. She had orange-yellow pinpricks of light for her irises, and her sclera seemed to blend into her skull face paint. Two goatlike horns protruded from her head, and the robes she wore were nothing short of silky, clean, and overall perfect.
"... hm. Well. Since our little GUEST seems to not be at all malicious towards us... I say we have a bit of fun before sending them off. What do you say girls!"
As you hear the pride roaring around you, you shrink back, hoping she didn't mean torture and death.
Though, seeing the smirk on her face and deceptively calm look in her eyes, that hope would be crushed in just mere moments.
As the Phoenix stepped down, she left ashes in her wake, giving rise to a new hatchling.
Juluo spreads her ash-grey wings over the pride's steep rock, blocking out the sun like an eclipse.
The roars of the pridemembers can be heard from the mainland as they welcome their new queen, the sparks of the next Phoenix already cracking in the air.

Juluo is much more organized than her predecessor, leaning more towards the structure of a voting system than Arbores did. She is also more of a diplomat, and frequently welcomes lone lionesses into the pride for shelter and food.
Juluo's reign ended swiftly, as well as the pride's hold on the islands. A strange, moss-colored female killed the primal in her own den, taking over as leader of the pride and leading them over the miles-long crossing stones to the mainland.
The pride, now known as the Sapphic Descendants, live within a deep jungle, frequently butting heads with Killing Me Softly in an attempt to fully take over the rainforest for themselves.
All evil reigns are cut short eventually. A queen, sent from the stars, flew down to the forest and sent her wolves to retrieve the lionesses from their moss laden prison.
Canista’s Lights, she calls herself, a constellation that not many have heard of. She brought the pride up to the sky, safe from the evils of the ground below.

This den has lions that are aging up tomorrow - there is currently not enough territory to cope with them all!

Interstellar Bath and Body Works
Level: 17 Branch: Starscape
Stats: 675 Territory: 88
Lionesses: 88 Beetle Slots: 1 / 16
Cubs: 118 / 440 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 2 / 2 Subordinate Males: g2 plumage
New Cub
Frozen Slots: 1 / 1 Cave Slots: 5 / 5
There are 75 lions with mutations in Bath and Body Works's pride.

Bath and Body Works's Player
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