~~Azizi~~'s Den

Hi! I’m London/Logan. I love Lions and I’m not really sure what I’m doing here but here I am!

I’m on howrse @endogenylove, come be friends with me!! I can help you out over there!

I’m probably breeding mostly for cool coats and markings here and just having a good time. I don't really care about stats at all here I just wanna have pretty lions. Also I get way too attached to individual fictional lions. Help.

Check out the lions I have for sale!
Any cubs in the main den with "-to go-" in their footnote will be sold when they reach five months. Feel free to make an offer/reserve a cub beforehand!

Come check out my sales den! Feel free to make offers! Rare bases, BO eyes and markings, and more! https://www.lioden.com/cave.php?id=187172

Muties Bred in both this and side Prides:
Primal Smilus x1
Primal (Special base) x2
Primal (other base) x5
Patches (Uneven) x3
Patches (Vernal) x1
Piebald (Cracked) x2
Piebald (Svelte) x2
Piebald (Harlequin) x1
Piebald (Frail) x2
Piebald (Bisected) x1
Additional Pie x1
Tailless x2
Primal Fangs x1
Overgrown Tongue x1


Impeccable ~~Azizi~~
Level: 8 Branch: Logan's Branch
Stats: 333 Territory: 49
Lionesses: 48 Beetle Slots: 14 / 16
Cubs: 47 / 245 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 3 / 3 Subordinate Males: Abeeso
Frozen Slots: 0 / 1 Cave Slots: 3 / 3
There are 6 lions with mutations in ~~Azizi~~'s pride.

~~Azizi~~'s Player
Member ID #198598
Logan :)
Joined: 2020-04-02 20:23:24 Last Active: 2024-03-03 13:41:53

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8 Pregnant Lionesses

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The Sacrifice
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