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-Breed a tigon | ✗
-Breed a leopon | ✗
-Breed a dwarf | ✓
-Breed a mutation | ✓
-Get 100 GB | ✓
-Run out of stud slots | ✓
-Run out of commission slots | ✗
-Have a clean pride | ✓
-Win over a weekly lioness | ✗
-Win a clan raffle | ✓
-Win the daily beetle raffle | ✓
-Win a raffle | ✓
-Win over an event lioness | ✗
-Finish new Art stuff | ✗
-Give 888 gifts | ✓
-Give 100 poops ✓
Hi! I’m Arical, I am an Artist (commissions currently closed), I’m not great at talking to people so if I do or say anything weird just let me know!

I might take awhile to respond occasionally as it can take me time to think of how to respond.

Also please don’t send me a friend request if we haven’t atleast had some kind of conversation prior, if I don’t know who you are I’m going to have to decline.
2022 Christmas Stats-
Gifts given: 930 — Poops given: 213
Bundles opened: 117

ᗩdir fullbody(Mutated Ver) Artist- Arical #209025(Myself)
ᗩdir fullbody, Artist- Arical #209025(Myself)

.Decor behind lion
.Most Flower Decor
.Any and all bird decor without gore/death
.Snakes that aren’t gore/dead themes
.Alabaster (Favour of Bast)
.Ancestral (Ancestral Body)
.Ankh (Token of Bast)
.Aufeis (Aufeis Sheet)
.Augur (Augur Prophecy)
.Bandit Markings
.Black Stallion
.Blue Poinsettia (Blue Poinsettia Fluff)
.Blue Poinsettia (Blue Poinsettia Scent)
. Blue Poinsettia Patterns
.Canopic Jellyfish
.Crunchy Worm
.Cub sex changer
.Custom Decor Creation
.Demiurge (Touch of Demiurge)
.Duat (Relic of Anubis)
.Energy Boost
.Eldritch (Eye App)
.Eldritch Ritual
.Flamingo (Fluffness of Flamingo)
.Guardian (The Guardian)
.Gregarious (Gregarious Form)
.Grullo (Grullo Stud)
.Haliotis (Murex Base: Haliotis)
.Hallowed (Sacred Body)
.Incense (Token of Anubis)
.Inpu (Vestige of Anubis)
.Instant Cub delivery
.Interstellar (Interstellar Remnants)
.Leopard Orchid
.Lion Meat
.Lion Scrotum
.Lucky foot
.MoD: Any
.MoD: Primal
.Manakbir (Date with Manakbir)
.Marking Opacity Changer
.Marking Remover
.Ornament (Ornate Body Frame)
.Penumbra (Penumbra Body)
.Phantom (Phantom Body)
.Protea (Scent of Protea)
.Ragdoll (Chonky Ragdoll)
.Random Marking Applicator
.Rough Ruby (Dust: Rough Ruby)
.Shard (Shard Body)
.Shard (Shard Fur)
.Shard Stains
.Skeletal (Skeletal Body)
.Solaris (Solaris)
.Sutekh (Vestige of Seth)
.Swarm (Shape of Swarm)
.Total Shuffle
.Toy Bundle
.Unholy (Unholy Body)
. Vulture Egg
.Water Hyacinth (Scent of Water Hyacinth)
.Wicked (Wicked Body)
.Wicked (Wicked Mane)
.Wicked Blood
.Yohimbe Bark
.Zebra Heart

This den has 7 lions that may leave soon due to their low moods or starvation!

Level: 11 Branch: Aricals Sapling
Stats: 334 Territory: 75
Lionesses: 66 Beetle Slots: 0 / 13
Cubs: 20 / 375 Grandpaw:
Male Slots: 3 / 4 Subordinate Males: ⁑ ᗩrical ᑕrena
Haen ⊹
Frozen Slots: 1 / 3 Cave Slots: 5 / 5
There are 8 lions with mutations in ᗩrical ᗩdine's pride.

ᗩrical ᗩdine's Player
Member ID #209025
Arical {G2 RLC}
Joined: 2020-06-05 22:18:37 Last Active: 2024-04-14 17:43:10

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